Backed into a Corner

In Astrology, the precise moment you were born is significant for so many reasons. The most obvious is to determine the ascendant, the sign at the eastern horizon. The Rising Sign, as it is also called, places some tools in your belt, so to speak. One way I describe it is this: if someone or something backs you into a corner, your rising sign is the way you’ll likely try and get out of it. Well, keep that in mind because this week, if you haven’t been flexing your Rising Sign’s muscle, you just might start.

Take for example yesterday; if we ignore the Sun for a moment, the next three local orbs all lined up and not harmoniously. The Moon, Venus, and Mars formed a nearly exact T-Square. That means the part of us that wants to fight, and the part of us that wants to make peace are themselves disagreeing, while the Moon muddied the waters by coating our indecision with extra emotion.

And all of that can’t hold a candle to what’s brewing. The above aspect consists of personal planets only, which means it will affect us in personal ways. In fact, as it all takes place in the Fixed signs, maybe nothing external is happening at all. Maybe we’re simply fighting and arguing with ourselves. One part of us wants to throw it all away and rush into something new while the other part is hoping to fix and save what we got. Meanwhile, we simply just want to break down and cry, and laugh, and cry again – just to escape the whole dilemma.

Now that T-Square is over because the Moon only played one hand. However Mars and Venus have been at it all month and will continue their debate for another week or so. The subject will change, but the back and forth will remain. The fact that the Sun is now in Libra just helps the oscillation along.

And speaking of the Sun, the more energetically affecting aspect includes it and significantly. Another tight T-Square is upon us and this time it is the Sun and the Full Moon that are sparring with Pluto and Uranus. Remember, the Pluto-Uranus square is a multi-year event coming and going in intensity. It is purported to change life as we know it within our collective constructs (such as finance & government, institutions and society). Of course, we don’t see any of that happening out there now do we?

Ever since the Pluto and Uranus hit their first exact square in June, I have felt the tension tighten and loosen. I have never worn braces, but to me, it feels like having them on, plus those annoying tiny rubber bands as well. Each time we get close to another exact square or another planet T-Squares the two, our braces get tightened and we get new rubber bands. Then the aspect loosens and so does our jaw.

So this week, even though Pluto and Uranus are moving away from their most recent exact square, the Sun and Full Moon are moving in line with both of them. That means just when we thought we were being let out of the hot tub, we got dropped onto the hot coals themselves.

Numerologically, September is special because it is the 9th month of the year. That means September most embodies the same numerology as the whole year. 2012 adds up to 5. 9-2012 adds up to 14/5. No matter the year, it always works that way. And so, to numerologists, September is the month to watch for.

Well, if you hadn’t noticed, this year involves change, change, and more change. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen change addresses already (home and/or work). And have you noticed that nothing seems stable save maybe the earth that we’re walking on? Haven’t you seen issues appear, heat up, and then seemingly disappear as the next issue takes stage?

Five is the most unpredictable number because the change is seemingly coming from the outside and orthogonally. It’s like playing that game Wipeout. Just when you near the top of the wall – bam – you’re sitting in the mud wondering what hit you.

I would not be surprised if the rest of this year remains even more unpredictable than it has been. It is 2012 after all and we’re within 3 months of 12/21.

But now let’s discuss how all of this discomfort could be useful. An astrologer that just warns you of the heat is not helping a bit. You can feel the heat all by yourself, so what to do with it?

First, consider Saturn for a moment. Saturn has been in Libra for a while – more than two years now. Saturn in Libra has been working with us in our relationships. He has been pressing a finger into our shoulder trying to get us to do the right thing, which of course is completely personal. That means you first have to discern what is right, and then muster up the strength to do it. And all of that takes clear vision and awareness. If you can’t see what-is accurately, then how can you decide the best way to deal with it?

Well, come October 6th, the game is going to change some. Saturn is moving into Scorpio and will take us to the next level. Saturn in Libra was trying to get us to talk. He wanted us to tell our partners what’s up with us. It’s only fair to communicate in relationship. But now – in Scorpio, it’s all about the unspoken. It’s all about intimacy. If we couldn’t talk before, we’ll have a hard time connecting now. You can avoid conversing with your partner when something is not right, but then you have to crawl into bed with them at night.

The way I see it, we’re about to learn a new skill.

At first, in dim light, we didn’t really know what was going on. So we walked around believing what we heard and were blissfully ignorant. But then the lights start to come up and we saw roaches and thieves. We were afraid. We thought we were surrounded by new dangers, but weren’t. We were simply seeing for the first time what was there all along.

So the Universe gave us a sword and a shield. “Cut out everything that is harmful and/or hide behind your shield,” it said. With the sword and the shield, it’s all or nothing. It’s like when we choose to not talk to someone at all simply because we can’t learn how to not get hurt by them. Remember the Rising Sign and being backed into a corner? That’s our first line of defense; that’s our sword and shield.

But now, for the rest of 2012, and beyond, it’s time to trade in our sword for a scalpel. With a scalpel, we can cut out the cancer and save the arm. With a sword, we had to take the whole thing off. It may have saved our life, but it’s not the best solution. We extricated our abusers; we hid behind our strengths. We separated ourselves from all that causes us pain, but we have yet to heal.

Now we can learn true discernment. See, there are no evil people, just evil deeds – and even evil is subjective. Politicians talk right and wrong like it’s cut and dried. That’s not what life is like. People abuse other people. People manipulate. People steal. But every action like that comes from fear. If you can see through the action to the intention, through aggression to the fear, then you can understand that the person is not the cancer, but the arm.

Pluto and Uranus are bringing our growth to the public stage while Saturn is splitting the difference between what is global and what is personal, what is happening out there and what is happening in here. Seasons are not good or bad. You might enjoy summer a whole lot better than winter, but that is simply a preference. Astrological weather is just the same. Pluto square Uranus is not good or bad, it is simply dynamic, energizing, motivating, prodding and propelling. Saturn moving from Libra to Scorpio is like the Sun crossing the Aries point from one season to the next. If you dress appropriately, it’s all good.

You’ve been in a rut. Change is what you asked for. Pluto, Uranus, & Saturn are the answered prayer from the Universe. Now change damn it! 🙂


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