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Gravity is a Trap

Let me share with y’all an insight that I am still awash in. On Sunday, August 24, 2012, my friend Frank Butterfield posted the following on Facebook:

In this morning’s conversation with Paul & The Communion of Light on the topic of Selling Like Hotcakes, it became very clear to me that there is a subtle paradigm shift of clarity going on: instead of “attracting” clients and customers to our wonderful products and services, we are actually making a space for them to exist in the reality we are creating.

In simpler terms, we are creating clients and customers, not attracting them.

Now I understand more clearly than ever why I really don’t like the phrase “Law of Attraction.” It’s neither a law nor is it about attraction. It’s trying to describe the single organizing principle of the Universe: whatever you focus on, you create more of.

This is huge (for me, at least)!

After reading this, I sat with it for a while. Something here is colossal for me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I’ve gotten and written similar things myself, so what about Frank’s (and Paul’s) words was different enough to penetrate a fathom deeper? Instead of trying to figure it out, I simply let it swim around in my vibration. Truth be told, I didn’t even think about it that much. I just recognized that something was there and I left it alone.

After days worth of living, I finally got it. I realized why the word attraction has caused me so much trouble.

I – Attraction as it relates to competition: The word attraction sits rather close to the word competition in our minds. Think about those days in the nightclub. You and your compadres head out for a little fun, yet once you enter the arena, you are suddenly in competition with each other. You all wish to attract a mate. Maybe it wasn’t your obvious goal, but once presented with so many attractive options, it bubbles up to the surface.

The idea of a “Law of Attraction” states that our vibration draws in what we desire. That means a) we must first find what we want, and b) we must then attract it to us.

That sounds like an awful lot of work. However, we evolved folk don’t do any such thing, do we?

Think about it. How much time do you spend to make yourself attractive: clothes, dieting, working out, hair, makeup, what-have-you? Surely none of us waste our time with that silly unevolved nonsense!

How about in business: ads, decorating the office, networking, getting the word out? Any effort spent there? No sir. No ma’am.

It’s no wonder we get so stressed. The words “Law of Attraction” have not helped us overcome our attachment to scarcity! Think about it, competition doesn’t exist when there’s creation and abundance. It only exists when there’s a limited supply and a law of attraction. Hmmm.

II – Attraction as it relates to gravity: We all know how gravity works. Well, not how it really works, but that it works. We experience it every day. We must push ourselves up out of bed every morning. By the end of the day, it has taken a noticeable toll on our body (visible even at my age). It takes a lot of work to resist gravity.

If it takes effort to combat gravity, then it must also take effort to exhibit gravity. Thus if I want to attract someone or something, I have to work at it. I have to meditate, and stand on my head. I have to eradicate erroneous thoughts and beliefs. I have to keep clear of drugs and alcohol, sugar and fat. I must get myself out there in the world and be an example to everyone else, and I must never tell a lie. Boy, doesn’t that sound like an easy life?

The words “Law of Attraction”, I now realize, have allowed me to continue to harbor my obsession with the idea that life is hard. Gee, I thought that was gone a long time ago! Nope. Old habits die hard. (See, I told you I still believe life is hard. Is there no end to it?)

III – Attraction as it relates to manipulation: Since there is only so much stuff, and most of it is swill, and there’s way too many needy, grabby people out there, I must compete for my share. I must make myself attractive, I must do all that it takes to be in the right place and the right time, and I must convince YOU that I am the cat’s meow – so you’ll partake of my services, like me, date me, and love me. So if I can just camouflage the blemishes, hide the flaws, cover up the fat, make myself look as strong as possible, and then entice you in just the right way, then you’ll be mine.

Isn’t that sweet and romantic? Boy, we’ve come a long way from the caveman era when all I needed to do was run faster than you to catch you, then drag you kicking and screaming back to my cave. That was so much less civilized than the way we conduct love and business in 2012! Surely you’ve notice that everything you see on TV and read on the Internet is 100% true! Never any pressure, never any lies, no traps, no sales pitchs – thank God those days are over!

And I thought I was tired all of the time because I’ve been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. “I’m ascending,” I say to myself. “I’m above those childish ways I see out there.” How’s that for looking into the rose colored mirror?

Thank God the charade is finally over. I no longer have to hide. I can admit that I’m no better than anyone else. I’m just as enticed by the dark side of the force as the rest of you. I’m misguided. I’m a manipulator, a wanter, a competitor, and a grabber. If I can beat you to the prize, you bet I’m gonna try. Hey, look over there – it’s a shiny object! [Ha! You fell for it. Now I’m a good 5 steps ahead of you!]

Life is amazing. Spirit has been talking to me about the Perfection of the Universe for years now. So often, I find myself helping someone accept what is – right here – right now – so they can hear and discern what is being shown as the best next step to take. “Evolution,” they say, not miracles. “Life is a journey,” they say, not a race.

But now I see it. “Law of Attraction” as a choice of words was a good next step for us. It put some power in our hands, but didn’t take away what we believed. Soon, those words will expire and be replaced by something better, just a tad closer to the truth.

Frank and the Communion of light use this phrase, which I love: The Organizing Principle of the Universe. My group uses Perfection of the Universe. Abraham says, “Ask and it is given”. Soon, they might start saying, “Ask and it is created.”

My next step is to stop looking for what I want. No more thoughts of how to find clients, mates, friends, & money. Time and space are an illusion, thus I can create something today, encounter it tomorrow, and realized the universe started making it 40 years ago! Now, that’s miraculous!

So, build your dream house brick by brick. Pick out the tile; landscape the front yard. Don’t look for it; build it! Create it. Not with your hands, not with white knuckles, simply make your request and be done with it.

And you know, I’ve experienced this. I’ve asked for things that showed up – having been made many years ahead of time. Did I attract it to me or me to it? Or did the infinite Perfection of the Universe know the potential of my order eons before I actually stated it?

Who cares?!? We don’t need to know how it works; we just need to use it – more consciously than we have been.

A better way to think about it is this: it is simply the way things work. You don’t earn what you get. You don’t have to find it. You don’t drag it to you across the plains. You simply make your requests and then experience them. Wow! Pretty neat!


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