Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sometimes, Astrology feels like a game of Rock, Paper Scissors – or maybe Spades. The gods gather in twos, threes, or more, sit around a table, and have at it.

Take for example what’s up right now. Neptune is sitting at 1 degree Pisces – the suite (sign) he rules. He is certainly holding trump right now. Well, yesterday, the Sun was at 29 degrees Leo. He too was in his ruling sign. So Neptune and the Sun were both holding trump and seated opposite each other – 2 degrees from exact. Now in this match, one might think we have a draw – each orb in his most comfortable spot, but I’m not quite so sure. On the one hand, Neptune is just starting his journey through his home sign, however the Sun’s jaunt was nearly over.

To me, I certainly felt the opposition. In a way, Neptune and the Sun represent true opposites (rather than the Sun and the Moon). The Sun and the Moon are nearly the same apparent size. They may be highly influential on us in different ways, but not exactly opposite. They are like men and women, more similar than different when you get right down to it.

However, Neptune and the Sun feel more like true opposites to me. The Sun represents everything out in the open, what we see, what we feel, what we experience that is common, obvious, conveyable, shared. On a sunny day, we all know it’s sunny. We can see the light, feel the warmth, and as a result, everything else looks clear and bright and cheery. The Sun rules ego. It is our personality. It is an aspect of us that is readily apparent to everyone around us.

Now Neptune is amorphous. He is hard to pin down. The Neptunian stuff we feel is intangible, subjective, hard to explain, hard to trust. Neptune rules psychic perception, dreams, altered states, all of those times we don’t quite feel here, but are not sure where we are. Intoxication, all-consuming infatuation, strong neediness, and intense fits of rage or anxiety are all forms of altered states where neither our hearts nor our minds know for sure what’s going on. Even extreme hunger or the strong need to use the bathroom can put us in a trance where mundane tasks are difficult until the need is expressed.

So with the Sun and Neptune opposing each other, it feels like two different realities competing for our attention. Yesterday, while the Sun was still in Leo, there was no clear winner, but today the Sun moved into Virgo and is now on shaky ground. Tomorrow, the opposition becomes exact, and at the same time, the Moon and the Node of the Moon square both sides! It’s no wonder I feel the way that I do!

August 24, 2012

In fact, earlier today, every time I would sit for a moment to compose myself, I felt like I was trancing out – that’s like falling very quickly into a deep meditation. It feels like being high – (well, I am imagining that it does 🙂 ) It is obvious today that Neptune is the clear winner. And when Neptune wins, it is kind of fun, but not productive and one can certainly get a little seasick.

By the way, you may have noticed that Mars is participating in the game as well. He too is transitioning signs. He’s moving into Scorpio, which he happens to like! He therefore will aspect Neptune and the Sun – although not as strongly as the opposition between the others. I can’t quite feel him just yet, so I’m not sure what exactly he’ll be up to.

And before you feel like we’re out of the woods soon, keep in mind that over the next two weeks, first the Sun and then Mars will move through the 7 degree mark of Virgo and Scorpio respectively. That means they’ll both sit at the table with Pluto and Uranus squared off at 7 degrees Capricorn and Aries respectively. I doubt that will feel particular good based on past experiences. [Note that Pluto will have the clear advantage over Uranus during that time.]

Early September, 2012

Rock, paper, scissors. There is no way to plan in that game. No choice is better than the others until you know what your opponent will choose. Best you can do is tune in and ride the waves.

Eating a little ginger will help with the seasickness too!


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