You are NOT your Rising Sign

More and more, I find myself saying to friends, clients, and myself: “You are not your rising sign.” You are not your progressed rising sign either. In the past, I have described the rising sign using these visuals: A shell A sword A shield Whether we use the rising sign for protection or to cope… Continue reading You are NOT your Rising Sign


Backed into a Corner

In Astrology, the precise moment you were born is significant for so many reasons. The most obvious is to determine the ascendant, the sign at the eastern horizon. The Rising Sign, as it is also called, places some tools in your belt, so to speak. One way I describe it is this: if someone or… Continue reading Backed into a Corner

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The Mask, the Shield, and the Sword

Do you remember that game Rock Paper Scissors? Remember how paper beats rock by covering it up? Hold on to that thought because it is an analogy for something we all possess. Today, I am going to mix my modalities a bit.  I am going to mix a little Astrology and Tarot. First, we are going… Continue reading The Mask, the Shield, and the Sword