A Rose Among Thorns

In my last entry, I predicted that September would go out with a bang. Little did I know the extent of the challenge for me personally. The week since I wrote my last entry was one of the most physically uncomfortable weeks of my life, and one of three this year.

However, I made it through the rough patch and am now seeing a Rosy week ahead for all of us. The Sun and Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are doing their best to make this a pleasant week within a trying season (not meaning Fall but just this part of this year).

The Sun in Libra and Jupiter in Gemini are enjoying an afternoon of tea. They are discussing the best of what the Universe has to offer. Both Gemini and Libra like to converse and enjoy the companionship of friends and siblings, so they are optimistically evaluating the here and now. It is the Month of October when the weather is pleasant just about everywhere. Yes, the summer took its toll, and later in the Fall we’ll have challenges of another sort, but right now, things feel good and they are enjoying it.

Venus and Mercury are also sitting down to chat, but their conversation is not as easy. While the two are agreeing with each other, they are also mediating between Pluto and Uranus, the two that made last week a living hell. The advantages Venus and Mercury have are the signs they are in. Mercury in Scorpio ought to have a bit more patience than normal. Fixed Water does not change easily, so whether he likes it or not, he’s going to have to endure a long, deep talk, which is certainly not his style. Venus in Virgo, on the other hand, will be offering practical compromises to the others. She is the ruler of Libra, the month we are in, and thus has the floor and everyone ‘s attention. We’ll have to see if her solutions are taken seriously as the Fall goes on.

Meanwhile, there was a private and heated conversation in the last degrees of Scorpio. Last week, Mars crossed over the North Node of the Moon. That means he got to see what the future could look like. He got to see the General’s plan for the coming years. Mars is now in Sagittarius, a Fire sign, and thus wants to get to work ASAP. His frustrating tromp through Fixed Water is over, but he certainly has his work cut out for him. Now might not be the best time to charge forward headstrong, but hopefully the Martian energy will serve us somehow, someway.

I decided to try my hand at writing a sign-by-sign horoscope for the coming week(s). Comments are welcome!


One quarter of you will be celebrating a Solar Return this week and just about all of you ought to be getting plenty of attention right now, just the way you like it. As of Monday, the Sun is right smack dab in the middle of your sign and 1st house. It is all about you. And your ruling planet, Venus, is traveling your Karma house, bringing gifts from past accomplishments. You ought to feel just a little bit lucky right now. Jupiter is high in the sky for you expanding your view of the entire world.

And right now, you are likely thinking about your own future and what you want it to look like. You’re considering those practical things you most value, like work and relationship. And while the earth beneath your feet might be changing in very real ways, you are ready to call in the help of friends to start building your dream, even if it is a long-term endeavor.


The month before your birthday is always a bit challenging because the Sun is traveling your Karma house – and boy do you feel that. You likely question whether what has shown up in life recently is what you deserved or not. But fear not because your friends are lovingly supporting you right now. This is not an easy year for you. Pluto, your master, is not happy. And your sign and first house is full of energy and attention. But Jupiter is in your native 8th house, so it’s not all bad. Things are changing, and when all is said and done, your life will be different than it was. You may be feeling your wounds a bit more than usual – past and present, but if you can constructively create from that pain, you’ll achieve surprisingly constructive and fulfilling results.

Keep this in mind, the heat will remain on for the next 2 months or more, but what lies before you is not a short term task. You are best and most comfortable with the long-term developments in life, stick to that principle now. Don’t let the rapid changes in your environment shake you from your life-long journey and purpose.


There’s lots of exciting energy in all of your relationship houses, so that part of your life ought to be full and entertaining. However, some of your innermost chambers, you know, the ones you don’t normally pay attention to, have a kind of burning that’s calling your attention. What are you not doing for yourself that you probably should be doing? Do you have a plan in place for your future, or are you simply going along with all of the excitement? Sure, everyone out there needs you right now. The world feels like it’s going to hell and you’re the only optimistic ones left – or so it seems, but you are responsible for yourself, and these next two years are going to be all about that. Saturn has just entered your Karma house and Pluto is attracting all sorts of attention in your Values house. So, putting off some of those deeply personal decisions is possible, but does have an expiration date. You might as well give in and think about it now and again. Well, that’s the easy part. Taking action? Well, that won’t be too difficult either. Why am I telling you anything? It’s all working out just fine anyway! 🙂


Sagittarians may be the optimists of the Zodiac, but you guys are the practical minded workhorses that keep life moving – well, at least in your view. It’s not that there isn’t truth to that, however it is simply a perspective. You see the world in a particular way, but Pluto in your first house is doing his best to change that world. Everyone is having a hard time with this, but you guys are the ones who are going to have to really adjust because your approach to life is most in flux (meaning over the next 2 years).

So, that being said, right now things are not so bad for you. The Sun is in your Power house (your home house) and likely giving you energy to make changes as you see fit. Saturn just left that house, so you’re now done with all of the due diligence. And with Mars just entering your Karma house, hopefully your investments were good because the payout (or pay-up) is due.

Jupiter is in your Work house, so what ever is happening at work can be expanded right now. You just might be finding lucky connections coming in from former colleagues or the world at large. Do take advantages of these. You have plenty of time, but I wouldn’t hold off until next year what can be accomplished this year. This could be a use-it-or-lose-it scenario.

Oh, and by the way, any distractions you find coming in from family, don’t consider them a waste of time. Anything you do for family ought to help you in the long run, though you will likely never understand how or why. I know that this is not in your nature, but try and trust in the unseen, maybe just a little…


Looking at your chart, I must admit it’s hard to get a good read on it. A lot of the activity and heat is in houses that are not your forte per se, with one huge exception. I would have to conclude that your chart is all about your ruler in your third house. So, I’ll just focus there.

Uranus is a hot topic right now thanks to the multi-year square going on with Pluto. You Aquarians are Fixed Air. That means that while you are quite capable intellectually, you like solid ideas that last over time. However that is not what’s in the cards right now. New ideas are coming in from all angles. Some of them will prove true, many of them will not. The good news is that some of these new ideas will stem from you. You, after all, are unique and have very individual approaches to your own life. Why not give to the world some of that ingenuity? Do you feel called upon in some way? Pluto is in your Karma house and thus if you are being called, it is coming from deep inside (or far, far away).

Here’s my thought: write down the ideas that flow in each day. Some of them might be way out there, but some of them can work. You have to decide which ones are worth pursuing. It won’t be an intellectual choice, but one that feels right. [By the way – you are being called to use the intuitive side more – so allow this to be an exercise. That’s the part is that all about you and your own development.] We are at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and some of you Aquarians are going to be called upon to lead the others.


Oh what a time to be a Pisces. The ground is changing in big ways, but luckily for you, you prefer the oceans anyway, and your ruler is back in the sea where he loves to be and will stay there for the next 13+ years!

So first up, right now you’re probably a bit focused on relationship or rather, that is the part of life that is probably the most comfortable. Venus is traveling your partner house, the sun is lighting up your most intimate house, and Jupiter is lowest in your chart expanding your foundation. Most wouldn’t like that, but you probably don’t have a problem with it.

Your chart is a bit hard to read as well, maybe even harder than Aquarius, but here is my take: as a Pisces, there is always two fish; one that is in the water and the other that is jumping out of it and looking around. The fish that is in under the surface is the one that probably feels great. You probably feel pretty good about yourself and your relationships, over all. However, the part of you that is looking out at the world is the one that is troubled. You don’t see good things out there and while your intuition is active, you are having a hard time sorting through the fear and the guidance.

This is what I suggest: go with the underwater fish as much as possible. What looks bad, isn’t necessarily bad. Guidance, true guidance, is not fear based. If you feel trepidation, turn away from that and go deeper. There is information within the fear, just not guidance. Look at what is causing your fear, not the outside reasons, the inside reasons. Accept them for what they are. Then go deeper. Dive below the fears until you find a feeling that matches this statement, “It’s all going to work out.” As a way of getting there, keep telling yourself, “It’s all going to work out – just fine.”

It is a bit ironic. The Age of Pisces is ending, but Neptune is in his home sign. That means you fish still have a significant role to play guiding the rest of us forward. But first you have to learn to use your intuition for yourself. Well, maybe not first, maybe at the same time. Keep it up. You are a necessary member of the human race. We need you!


Those of you born in the first 30 days of Spring are now beginning the second half of your year. Astrologically speaking, that means the Sun has risen in the West and is traversing the sky back toward your sign. The second half of the Zodiac is more about what’s out there than what’s inside. On the one hand, that means for the rest of the Zodiacal year, you’ll have to deal with everyone and everything else just a bit more than you had the first half. On the other hand, you don’t shy away from conflict or challenge, so you’re up for it.

The Sun is not the only thing above the horizon in your chart. In fact, most of the outer planets are and they are the ones causing the most conflict and challenge. The one exception is Uranus, which is in your first house.

This is what I see for those of you born of Mars: mediate all of this external stimulation with that burning desire to be the person you are wanting to be. Uranus is fueling your individual expression. Your entire life is about that anyway. Anything that shows up opposing that is simply there to allow you to express something that hasn’t been coming out the way you want it to.

For right now, work and friends are likely places where it’s easiest for you to be you. The most intimate relationships (and situations), and those with persons in apparent positions of authority over you are likely to be the more challenging. Channel your energy as productively as you can to keep conflicts from getting out of hand. Righting wrongs is noble work, but not something that you are meant to do on your own.


Venus, your ruling planet, is in an especially creative place for you right now. If you have been wanting to pull out those paint brushes, or hone your poetry writing, now is the time to do it. In fact, since you’re a practical type, why don’t you apply your artistic talents to current event subjects that are most meaningful to you right now? Do you have an opinion on a particular issue that can be expressed artistically?

Another area of life that might be calling to you is partners and peers. Maybe some people around you are especially challenged right now and can use some cheering up? Bring them some cookies, cook them a meal, or give them a piece of your art. Or maybe just give what you have most of, yourself. Your presence alone can help others feel more grounded within their chaos. At the moment, your home is calm and quiet. Invite someone over. You’ll probably help well beyond your knowing.


If you stretch your imagination, you’ll see a mutable grand cross hitting pretty close to your angles. What this means is that any semblance of stability is shaky at best. You Geminis like change. You thrive on it. Yet this time, it’s hitting a lot closer to home than you prefer. That’s because Pluto is in his prefered house for you and Jupiter is making everything affect you just a bit more than it should – in your opinion.

Here’s some thoughts: As much as relationship challenges might be attracting your attention, now is the time to focus your thoughts on what your future working life ought to be. Don’t just think about this in surface terms, but underneath as well. What work is going to be most fulfilling to you? Forget how to get there for a moment. Forget whether you think it is possible or the right time. Just try to feel through all of the details. Think about them, then feel them.

Come on – you Geminis are the most adaptable out there. Yes, changes are afoot, but if anyone can figure them out, it’s you. Once you decide to take action, bring someone along. It’ll not only be more fun, it will be more productive.


If there is one thing a Cancer loves, it is that safe secure feeling of home. However, with Pluto sitting just above your descendant, and being the active mover and shaker he’s been and will be, the home is just not as safe feeling as it used to be. More than likely, male energy or influences have been permeating your walls and the sound could be a little frightening. You hear the revolution happening out there and you question whether it’ll come barreling through your walls any minute now.

Your work is cut out for you. Mars traversing your 6th house ought to add some energy in that area. Remember, work is not just jobs, but whatever undertaking you deem significant. Is there some work you’ve been holding off on? Creativity should be accessible to you now in ways it may not have been in the past. Here are some thoughts: use the current stream of energy to think about a plan to move forward. If you have a well thought out plan filled with creative ideas that you’ve been accumulating, then taking action might be easier down the road. Work on a 6-12 month plan, maybe even up to 2-4 years. Even if you do nothing but think about things for the rest of the year, allow that to be productive in and of itself. However, do check in periodically to see if the time is right to act in some way. Just because it took more than a day to build Rome, doesn’t prevent creative solutions from presenting themselves along the way.

By the way, enjoy the next week, as it will likely feel nice relatively speaking.


Right now, you probably feel good about your social life. And with Venus at home in your second house, you’re probably enjoying the companionship. However, at the same time, you’re probably feeling pressed upon to take care of some business in your life. Maybe something outside of your social life hasn’t been working out that well for you. Maybe changes in your work life are causing some concern. Maybe while the living in the moment has been ok, you still have some long-term issues that need to be worked on.

There’s going to be a little push-pull energetically for you. On the one hand, you’ll feel the outside pushing in, on the other hand you’ll feel the inside pushing out. These are not true opposites. You might find great inspiration coming in from the outside; your job is to figure out how to apply these ideas to what’s needed inside. Only you have access to all of the information, so you’re the best one to solve whatever needs solving in your own life.


Now that you and all of your Virgo friends have celebrated your birthdays, it’s time to focus on some other things. First, you’ll likely be able to start taking action on things you’ve been thinking about relating to your home thanks to Mars in your 4th house and Sun in your 2nd. Keep sharing your ideas with another trusted friend. It’s not so much to get their input, but to hear your own ideas as you express them. This process – a mental game of tennis – suits you anyway, but can play a more significant role going forward than before.

And, I think this goes without saying, but relationship is a significant topic for you these years. There is so much to learn and experience through this type of pairing, and the season is really just beginning for you. For the next three weeks, you’ll have the upper hand in your relationship, or rather it will feel that way, but truth be told, relationship has so much value to offer your personal evolution, don’t underestimate it. No matter what is going on, there is something underneath it that is very significant.


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