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Are you working too hard?

Or maybe trying too hard? Is the pressure coming from the outside via the responsibilities of your job, family, pets, chores, etc? Or are you pushing yourself from a desire to accomplish something: make more money, buy a house, get a promotion, make a decision, or move into a better experience of life? Working too hard is pretty much the same as trying too hard, even if the motivation is a bit different.

But wait, I thought working hard was good

That depends. If you’re enjoying the action, then it is good. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, if you’re rushing, in a hurry, or feeling impatience, then no! Remember: Anxiety is being in a trying place.

For the past weeks and months, I have been very focused on a project, but my focus got away from me. At times, I would catch myself completely out of breath. I found myself rushing and racing even though there was no reason for it. In fact, I didn’t want things to happen too quickly. My ideal timing was still ahead of me.

Why is hurrying to get it done bad?

Last week, I heard this sentiment from Abraham, which brings it all home:

Rushing, being in a hurry, and impatience are all indicators of dissatisfaction.”

Abraham reminds us often that because of the Law of Attraction, dissatisfaction begets more dissatisfaction. Likewise, satisfaction attracts future moments that will be satisfying.

Often, we rush through the stuff we don’t like very much. We don’t mind working, we just want to hurry up and get to the fun stuff. But if we create a habit of rushing, then our ability to relax gets eroded.

Saturn, now retrograde, encourages a shift

Yesterday, at 7:55 pm CDT, Saturn stationed retrograde. At that time, it was conjunct the South Node. It was also as close to Pluto as it will get this go around. The exact conjunction between Saturn and Pluto will happen in January (1/12/2020).

Saturn is retrograde for about 4-1/2 months each year. These months are still productive, but may appear to have less forward motion. With Saturn, the purpose is always progress, but not all progress is obvious and filled with action. Planning and preparing to act is just as valuable as the action itself specifically because it creates leverage!

Even before I thought in terms of Saturn, I had already decided it was time to adjust my pace. I know better now and can tell when I am efforting—when I am trying too hard and working too hard. So far, things were unfolding perfectly, but I did desire more ease within the flow.

Three sides of Saturn

Saturn, as ruler of Capricorn, is focused on building structures and infrastructures. This process is logical. Forward motion is desired, but skipping steps is discouraged.

Saturn is fall in Aries. In that arrangement, there is a tendency to go it alone, which is not the point. We are all here together. We not only need each other, it is more fun to have friends and family along for the ride. Furthermore, Saturn in Aries, which is overly influence by Mars, can be too focused on action (driving forward) rather than inspired action. Saturn in Aries can easily adhere to the philosophy: work (too) hard, play (too) hard.

Saturn is exalted in Libra. With that placement, and due to the influence of Venus, he is better able to harmonize with his co-creators. He knows communication and win-win scenarios benefit everyone! Saturn in Libra understands that work and play needn’t be separated and that creating something beautiful is equally as important as creating something useful.

In all of the above, the actions can be synonymous, it is the mindset within the action that is different.

Progress is a Journey

We know that life is a journey. Time ticks off one second at a time. But progress is also a journey…and I’m not just talking about production. Yes, a house gets built one brick at a time, but there is plenty that happens before the first brick is laid.

Guidance is given one thought at a time.

Our own evolutionary progress comes bit by bit. We are not ready for all the knowledge and all the detail, so the Universe feeds us one bit at a time. For example, I only just realized something special in my case. I know that my Saturn is in Aries, so I have been aware of my impetuous tendencies. I have also been keenly aware that Saturn is moving through Capricorn right now. The piece that popped in is that my current co-creator has Saturn in Libra. She is specifically here to help me harmonize my work ethic!

It’s time to let it flow

When I become aware of my disproportionate intensity, I shift my focus toward temperance. I keep reminding myself: I’m not in a hurry; there is joy in the journey; everything is working out perfectly.

Focus is one of our most powerful tools. Inspired action is not only very productive, it is also a ton of fun! And yet our alignment can still oscillate within these experiences. Our emotions tell us where we are in the process. The more relaxed we are within our action and the more we are enjoying the action, the more aligned we are and the more productive we’ll be.

When Saturn moves backward, we needn’t undo or redo. We can be just as productive, however the details that may require our attention may not seem to be the most optimal. Sometimes the action being inspired is contemplation.

I have been productive in my focus. I have gained clarity along the way. Now is the perfect time to shift my focus toward ease and allowing, which will not only bring me the best outcome, but the best journey on the way to it!


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