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A Family Workshop

One year ago, I wrote this blog post (now revised), which reviews Star Child, a children’s book created by Mercy and Hollie at Star Child Generation.

In just over a week, Mercy and Hollie will be hosting a Family Workshop in Austin, TX including Yoga, Meditation, play, relaxation, and learning.

Follow this link for the details:

or check it out and follow them on Facebook:

I so recommend Hollie and Mercy. I have met with them intermittently throughout the past twelve months and I simply love and appreciate them more each time. They have so much to offer everyone they interact with! If you are in Austin next weekend (May 18, 2019), check out their event. You will leave feeling rejuvenated!

AFI on the Web

Shifts and changes are happening here at A Fool’s Inclination as well. In April, Prolific Works featured Journey to the Temple of Ra. AFI had created an offering for free ebooks some time ago, and thanks to Prolific Work’s promotion, over 400 copies were claimed in one week! There is still time to get free ebooks, so check it out here:

Later last month, I also added AFI to Yelp! Feeling inclined to review any of our products and services? Now you have a place to do it! Just follow this link:

AFI: Updated and Upgraded

You have probably already noticed that AFI is featuring a new look. Furthermore, I have upgraded my site so that you can enjoy ad free reading!

The last bit of news is this: I am working on a new offering: Intuitive Coaching Sessions. This is not the official announcement, as there are details yet to be worked out, but have a look at my Services page if you are curious.

I wish all you Moms a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Spring!


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