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Divine Timing

We’ve often heard it said: Timing is everything. Did you know that timing is a manifestation? Timing is luck. Luck is timing. And both are the result of alignment. You create your own timing!

Better said, your Inner Being creates divine timing…always. When you’re connected (with your Inner Being), you have access to it. You won’t necessarily know it ahead of time, or even in the moment, but when you do notice it, it really stands out. In most cases, you won’t know the timing was divine until afterward.

Allow me an example.

Back in 2005, I walked through an open house in my neighborhood. It was right down the road from me. I wasn’t looking for a new home, but I felt an impulse. Once inside, I heard my Inner Being as clear as if standing next to me. He said: “You can have this house if you want it.”

I so trusted the guidance, I put my home on the market and made an offer on that bigger house. The seller, however, rejected my offer. After looking for a little while, I ended up pulling my house off of MLS and staying put.

About one year later, in September of 2006, I visited Austin. Again, I heard my Inner Being as clear as day. This time, he said to me: “You’re moving to Austin.” The messages over the next few months were so clear, I ended up selling my house (in April 2007) and arrived here in May.

You may have heard some of this story before, but here is new piece. As you may recall, the markets took a nose dive in 2008. Some time after that, the LA Times printed an article about the housing market in Southern .

California. It said the peak of the market was April 2007. In some cities, the local housing market did not return to that level for many years!

Turns out, I sold my house within Divine Timing. I lived off of that money for a while!

It’s ALWAYS working out!

Considering the entire story, one might think the message I heard in 2005 was wrong or inaccurate. If I was destined for Austin, why would I have been guided to buy a house back then? Thanks to a later clair-sentient conversation with my Inner Being, I learned that 2005 was a bit of a test. It was a practice run. Was I willing to sell my house based on a clair-sentient message I heard in my head? The answer was yes! The first run in 2005 paved the way for what happened in 2006/7. The woman I chose as an agent the first time, for example, was the one who sold my house the next year. It all worked out!

Divine Timing is acting at the right time and not acting when it is not the right time.

Consider this: One who invests in the stock market always wants to know which stocks are the right ones to pick. The real answer is: any of them! You can make money buying and selling anything, the only information you need to know is when to buy and when to sell! Divine Timing wins every single time!

One of the main jobs of the Law of Attraction is coordinating rendezvous. And that is all about timing.

If you are in the right place at the wrong time, you’re in the wrong place!

[Added Note: OK. That’s not exactly true either. You’re never in the wrong place. When you’re not in the right place at the right time, you’re simply on the way, but not yet there!]

This governs things like:

  • meeting the one
  • landing the job
  • breezing through traffic
  • buying and selling anything

People think money is everything, but if that were the case, would this saying exist?

A fool and his money are soon parted!

The tag line of A Fool’s Inclination is Journey with more Joy. Almost nothing tickles as much as Divine Timing. Think about some of the best plays you’ve ever witnessed in your favorite sports. Many of them worked so well because of the timing.


One of my favorite experiences in life is clarity. I love knowing what to do and when to do it. I love decisiveness. I love knowing that I am making the right decision. It now occurs to me that clarity is another aspect of timing. Said another way, clarity is only fun and useful when the timing is right. Said another way, clarity at the wrong time is not useful at all. It could feel good to have clarity when you don’t need to make a decision, but it feels so much better to have clarity while you are deciding.


I’ll end with one last thought. Let’s consider an experience on the other end of the spectrum: regret. I could define regret as “clarity that comes too late.” When in regret, one wishes he or she could go back and choose differently. He or she has clarity now, but the Divine Timing has passed. That clarity doesn’t usually feel very good.

Yet it can! If you feel regret about anything, turn it around in your thinking. Recognize that you now have clarity and clarity is still a good thing. You can cultivate this current clarity to create and inspire future clarity that is then paired with Divine Timing. Regret is clarity that is too late.

Confidence is clarity that is right on time!

And remember, Divine Timing is knowing and acting at the right time. Acting too late is not good, but acting too early isn’t either. If you sold all of your Bitcoins in March 2017, when it was about $1000/BTC, you were surely kicking yourself that December, when a Bitcoin could sell for over $19,500!


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