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Star Child

Children and young adults know how to have fun. It is natural. They don’t create fun, rather they allow it. The fun happens all on its own. They embrace and experience more joy than we do. We all start out on the right track, but can get trained away from it. Abraham works with us to help us get back on track, to listen to our inner guidance and connect with our inner being. Often, Abraham encourages parents to simply not train their children away from it.

So what if we encouraged our children, right from the start, to recognize and access their own guidance and wellbeing? How would we do that?

Thankfully, there are those who know precisely how to do this. And I am happy to report that I found two of them who have done this beautifully. They teach meditation and yoga and more, and together have created a children’s book. Star Child was written by Mercy Joy Barber and illustrated in partnership with Hollie Meador. Mercy’s youngest daughter Zoe helped out too.

It is hard for me to describe the book, because no words I come up with does it justice. What I can tell you is my reaction to it. The first time I read it cover to cover, I cried. When I see or hear or read something that rings so true to my heart and soul, that is what happens. Abraham says that tears always accompany a shedding of resistance. I love that.

Children’s books and song lyrics are an interesting genre. They are read/heard/looked at over and over and over again. It is very easy for me to imagine sitting next to a child of mine, flipping through the pages of Star Child every night before bed; reading the words and talking about what they mean; relating the ideas to our experiences of the day; and taking in the images. I don’t have a child to read to, but the thought of this tickles me!

I love the rich, colorful, and whimsical illustrations playfully bringing together myriad elements. If you’ve read Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome, you’ll know why I especially like the one above.

I witness other adults express the same sentiments that I have regarding law of attraction: “I wish I knew about this earlier.” For me, this includes this latest description about creating a vibrational environment to allow the manifestation to flow in. I am so looking forward to practicing it more and more.

Star Child is exactly about that—the creating of an environment to allow whatever is desired. Mercy and Hollie created an environment, for themselves, which allowed their manifestation (this book) to flow in. In words and images tailored toward children (and the child within all of us), Star Child shows us the way…and it really is quite simple.

Follow this link to get a copy of Star Child, to read to your own child or grandchild, or as a gift for a friend who has one of their own:

All of us have an inner being. That inner being knows what we desire and in detail. It also knows how to get us there. We simply need to allow it. It is no different with children.

Abraham says: “Your manifestation is ready for you, but if it hasn’t manifested yet, then you’re not ready for it.” Even though we don’t create for each other, we can influence each other toward or away from inner guidance.

The best a person can do is to create a vibrational (emotional) environment (within and thus around them) that allows their desired experiences to flow in. The best a parent can do is to create a vibrational (emotional) environment (within and thus around them) that allows their desired experiences (for themselves and including their children) to flow in.

Meditation, mindfulness, understanding of the role of emotions, and reminding ourselves and others of our power to direct our own vibration is an excellent way.


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