Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome

ISBN: 978-0-9893673-3-2


I   –   II   –   III

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From the one in Egypt, to the City of Seven Hills, THEY have lined up to be heard. The time is right to recount sacred wisdom of old.

After an epic Journey to the Temple of Ra, a young man discovers the spiritual gifts he possesses. Having found his life’s purpose, he is now called upon to live it. But that is not as easy as one might expect. At times, he feels alone and abandoned, yet his guides are ever-present and supporting him from behind the scenes. A new course is laid out and a new adventure awaits him. Paths appear to diverge; will they meet in the end?

Progress is enumerated…with time, with distance, and with purpose. Spiritual teachers employ Numerology, Sacred Geometry, and more to convey guidance and wisdom each step of the way. The messages are not just for him, however, but for all of humanity.

He is asked to serve as a Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome; can he complete the task? Will the teachings help him overcome the limitations that appear to thwart him? Can he meet up with the manifestation of his greatest desires?

I   –   II   –   III

Early feedback had this to say about it:

…I can hardly put it down. The level of detail, not only with the layers of numerology (which is incredible), but the descriptions of locations and how it ALL ties together is incredible and unbelievable and makes perfect sense all at the same time. I am in the 8s right now and am not sure which I like more – the plot line or the channelings.

And here is a review posted on

If you only read one book in your entire life, read this one. The channeled wisdom and images about numbers is completely amazing, and the characters and story line are so lovable they are addictive. ** Warning though – David’s books are like potato chips – you can’t just read them once. This is definitely one I will read over and over and over.


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