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Horoscope: Leo Sun / Leo Rising

Something is happening. I feel it and evidence abounds. As you may have noticed, I am, at least for now, posting almost daily and all about Astrology. The last time I did this and felt this way was back in 2013. In fact, that year was the peak in my blogging. I was writing and… Continue reading Horoscope: Leo Sun / Leo Rising

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Star Child

Children and young adults know how to have fun. It is natural. They don't create fun, rather they allow it. The fun happens all on its own. They embrace and experience more joy than we do. We all start out on the right track, but can get trained away from it. Abraham works with us… Continue reading Star Child

Poetic Wisdom

What just happened?

I know that today is the start of a new month, but as far as I’ve been told, nothing weird has happened.  Yet the way that it feels, I could easily be in a different country, have been transported to a different time, or maybe I just haven’t woken up yet today. But, as clear… Continue reading What just happened?