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Horoscope: Leo Sun / Leo Rising

Something is happening. I feel it and evidence abounds. As you may have noticed, I am, at least for now, posting almost daily and all about Astrology.

The last time I did this and felt this way was back in 2013. In fact, that year was the peak in my blogging. I was writing and being read the most.

Interestingly, I first starting using Instragram (IG) back then because I was preparing to market my novel Journey to the Temple of Ra. I only just this week created a profile specifically for my business (@afoolsinclination) separate from my personal profile (@davidtangredi).

Last night, I woke around 2 am. Mercury had only changed direction two hours before that. I was inspired to post this on my AFI IG profile.

This morning, another impulse to share came. Mercury Retrograde is solely in Leo this time around. It will move backward from 23o 27” to 11o 32”. It will station direct on August 18. This means Mercury, my ruling planet, will cross my ascendant three times this summer. It already has once.

For those with sun in Leo and some with Leo Rising (depending on the degree of your Ascendant), all of Mercury Retrograde occurs in your 1st house by one view or the other. This imminent Lunar Eclipse and Mars opposition is thus a 1st house-7th house opposition for you.

The First House activity could have you revisiting old hats—old labels—you’ve worn before. I used to be a Software Engineer. I am not doing that work any more, but the experience will always be with me. So, am I still an engineer?

Eclipses highlight shadows for a brief time. One example of shadow is doubt.

Are you hesitant to call yourself by a title you once wore…or one you are trying to put on. The Lunar Nodes are also in that Leo/Aquarius opposition, but it is the North Node that is moving through Leo. The North Node is where you are going.

I have Leo Rising in my natal chart. The eclipse and Mars opposition for me is 12th house – 6th house. Mercury Retrograde starts in my first, but will end in my 12th.

The 12th house signifies (in part) hidden resources. The 6th house rules things like health, jobs, and service. I like to think about this pairing as the flow of energy from the non-physical out into the world through ME (or in your case, YOU).

Leo, ruled by the sun, is about basking in that solar or non-physical energy, which can be called Love or Joy or Well-being or Appreciation. Leo is also about radiating one’s unique vibration (aura, talent, perspective, or personality) out into the world. The uniqueness is accentuated by Leo’s dipole: Aquarius.

If you are Leo sun or Leo rising, now is a good time to look in the mirror and ask yourself this: “What labels, hats, or roles am I hesitating to don with pride and ownership?”

Given Mars’ retrograde movement in this astrological picture, you might have to take your actions out of the picture for a moment, especially those that others can see. Many people don’t consider themselves something until they are doing that thing or until someone else places the label upon them (by given them the job title perhaps). They won’t call themselves an engineer until they are engineering. They won’t call themselves an entrepreneur until they are running their own business.

Yet Leo (via its connection to the 5th house) is all about creativity and creating as well as progeny and creation. It is also about being-ness, due to its Solar rulership.

So, let me ask you this: where is the line between being and doing? When does the label or role get applied? Does one not conjure new roles and titles and creations long before they take actions others can see and quantify? Are thinking, imagining, and planning actions or states of being? What about desire(ing)?

Leo, via the lion, is associated with pride. Pride is an owning of one’s being-ness. It could also be the owning of one’s accomplishments (after the fact). Nonetheless, pride is a state of being…not doing. (Notice we don’t have a verb. One can be proud, but one can not try to pride.)

If you have sun in Leo or Leo on the ascendant, or if you are feeling a stirring anything like the above, which could indicate that these aspects are hitting you in a personal way, spend a bit of time thinking about all of this. You might want to read this post I “wrote” 5-1/2 years ago: Willingness and Intent. I stumbled upon it in the middle of the night, having no memory of it before that, and being surprised it was a product of my focus. I then reminded myself that it was channeled, specifically for me, and applies to me as well today as it did back then.

By the way, Aquarius sun and rising might relate to this post well by adding the word relationship all over the place. Maybe your role in relationship is what’s up for reevaluation. Maybe you are single and wondering if you are ready to be paired. Maybe you are in a relationship, and contemplating a label that takes it to another level.

Feel free to post comments about your experience!


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