Channeled Message

Willingness and Intent

[Updated August 2021. Essays on Tarot: XVI The Tower]

The Tower often represents a time of rapid change in the world around us. The changes had been brewing inside of us, like the bubbling up of energy from inside of the earth. At the Tower, we experience the erupting forth of that energy.

Old buildings collapse, those familiar streets are impassable, comfort zones are impinged upon.

The following post is a channeled message from spirit to soothe these Tower-like times.

∆       ▲       ∆

Dear One –

We say to you: Be easy with yourself. When you step into willingness, the world emerges around you. You have been like a germinating seed. On the outside, others saw naught but a rigid shell. On the inside, much was brewing.

Through willingness, you have allowed the protective shell to crack. It was merely your intention to peek outside, but a cracked shell can’t help but split apart. As if instantaneously, you are now a seedling introduced to a new world.

Fret not little one. The rains only feel like floods to the uninitiated. The sun only feels as if it is burning your tender leaves. And yes, this new world you are looking at seems very dirty.

There are no tests, my dear, there are only those things you react to and how you react.

Some would call this information; others might call it light. Really, it is simply the stuff life is made of.

So as you observe your self shifting and growing, notice what you react to and how you react. You are growing because you have asked to grow. And thus the floods, the winds, the sticky mud, and the hot rays all shower upon you. Consider that the above is nothing more than the four basic elements of the Universe, each serving in its own way.

When a seed is created, it is given just enough nourishment to gestate. Those that fear the light will grow ever hungrier until they allow the piercing of the veil between their inner sanctuary and the outer reality. So too has your hunger grown and thus the shaking you feel around you is merely all of what had been holding you back splitting apart and setting you free.

Breathe in the airs, my dear child. Sip the waters. Frolic in the mud. Bask in the sunlight. These are merely the flavors of love from the Universe.

The next time you are bored and wonder what next to do, visit those desires you’ve not visited in a while and see what emerges. Be easy with your wounds, and abundant with your appreciation. As you reach for those experiences you desire, observe what you react to and how you react. Allow patience as you sort through the data. Note that your first reaction is likely from instinct and habit. These are clues as to your history. They are not who you are today. So give your observations time. Push through these initial waves and then see what emerges next.

Maybe you are still where you want not to be, and that is okay. So now that you are again looking at those things you desire, recognize that you still desire them. Also recognize you still fear them. Yes, you may yet have wounds attached to them. See where you are with clear sight, and push on the walls with muster and might. This is the way of willingness and intent. Willingness and Intent are the twin flames of manifestation. Want to see proof of their connectedness?

Willingness is a letting go. It is allowing. It is going with the rhythm and flow of time. It is when you allow experience and influence in.

Intent is an act of will. It is drive. It is determination. It is not the same as egoic insistence, which requires the universe to bend to its desires. It is not manipulation. Instead it is when one rolls up one’s sleeves and bends and reaches and stretches to achieve and experience his or her desires.

So willingness allows it all in and intent is an act of will. Like yin and yang ☯, where one continually flows into the other, willingness and intent together have the power to move mountains.

Feel all that is happening around you. Stay centered on the present as much as possible. Honor and appreciate the gifts as they are presented to you. And continue on your journey. True strength has the one who sits in between willingness and intent.


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