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What just happened?

I know that today is the start of a new month, but as far as I’ve been told, nothing weird has happened.  Yet the way that it feels, I could easily be in a different country, have been transported to a different time, or maybe I just haven’t woken up yet today.

But, as clear as I can tell, I did get out of bed this morning, had coffee, and then started working on my latest book.  I may not have mentioned this, but I have been back at it and am making great progress on the sequel to A Fool’s Journey.  By mid afternoon, I decided it was time for a break and some exercise, so I got my stuff together and drove to the gym.  So far, everything seemed pretty normal.

At the gym, I start warming up on the treadmill, and that’s when I notice something.  I felt excited.  What, excited to work out? I haven’t felt that in a while, at least not in the gym on a cold winter day like today.  But I am excited.  Everything just feels good.  Despite being sore from a 6-mile hike on Sunday, I feel strong in the legs.  Hmm.  Something is up.

The whole workout feels pretty good; I finish up, then hit the showers.  After getting dressed, I walk to my truck and the cold wind whips through my coat and my holey jeans.  I then think of a writing this on Facebook:

“Showered at the gym, and then made for home.  As I walked to my truck, I thought ice would form in my hair.  Then I remembered that I don’t have any.  Brr it’s cold!”

OK, not that funny, but definitely out of character for me –  I don’t joke about the cold!

So I get in my truck and start driving home.  I hit a brief red light, and then a strange thing happens.  I make it all the way through downtown without hitting another light until right before home. That’s like 45 green lights in a row! I’m exaggerating, but still – how is this possible?

Another experience that struck me as odd was this.  (Those of you living up North, just bare with me.  I’m in Austin, Texas remember.)  I’m driving through downtown on Guadalupe St.  A beautiful brand new truck pulls up next to me on the right, but here’s the funny part – it’s covered in snow!  I then look to my left and see that the car on that side of me has snow and ice on it too!

Ok, it is winter and it does snow in Texas, but it was 80 degrees the past two days, and while it did get cold (31 right now), it didn’t snow here – at least not in my neighborhood.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen snow in Austin.  I missed it the last couple of times.

So the whole experience struck me as odd and yet funny at the same time.  I was warm from working out, and it was sunny as can be, so it was sort of easy to forget how cold it was outside.  In fact, not too much further down the road, I pulled up next to a convertible, and the top was down.  The guy driving it didn’t seem cold at all.

So why am I rambling to you about the weather in Austin when surely you have better things to do?  Well, there is a point to this story, and this is it:

Vibrational healing works.

I told you about my Delicious Conversation, but what I didn’t tell you was the next two experiences I had.  On Wednesday of last week, Cheryl Young worked on the layers of my aura, and then on Thursday I had another session with Nancy Crossthwaite.  That’s three powerful sessions in seven days!  [By the way, I don’t want to share phone numbers on here without permission, so do email me if you want contact info for Cheryl and/or Nancy.]

People always ask me the same questions after I get work like this.  Did you feel anything? What did she do? Do you feel different now?

Yes, I did feel something.  I felt the shifting; I got information.  Altogether, I got to see a whole new version of myself – not the better version that is emerging, but a clearer version of who I was.  By seeing more clearly how I was holding myself apart from what I desire, I am now better able to shift into a new image.  I’m sure there’s so much more to it than that even.  And, best of all, a few days later, I really feel it.  The Death card had been showing up and now I can honestly say I feel transformed.

And to further my bout of promoting light workers around me, I want to introduce you to a new web site.  Yes, I had my hand in creating it, but only superficially.  If nothing else, go check it out, read up on Transformational Homeopathy, and listen to a beautiful piece composed and performed by the Homeopathist herself.  Here is a link to Jessica Gill’s new website:


Vibrational healing.  Do we really know how or why it works?  Who knows? I can certainly write a bunch of what I think, but the proof is in how I feel, and that’s worth writing about. That’s what I am writing about.  So silly or not, my day feels great and I’m making the best of it!

Happy February everyone!


1 thought on “What just happened?”

  1. I like this light hearted and playful post. I like “serious” David, too, but this was a nice ray of sunshine on a cold and blustery day!

    Bless Your Heart,


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