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The Business of Belief

If you look at recent history, we’ve gone through eras called: The Iron Age, The Machine Age, and the Information Age.  Most people think we’re still in the Information Age, but I think we’ve already shifted into another.

I would call this the Age of Belief.  In fact, I assert that beliefs are big business right now!  Don’t believe me?  Well, consider these questions:

Do you believe that eating carbs makes you gain weight?
Do you believe that working out builds muscle?
Do you believe that designer jeans make your butt look better?
Do you believe that Advil makes a headache go away?
Do you believe that smoking is bad for your health?
Do you believe that foreign cars are better than American?
Do you believe that having insurance is good and not having it is a risk?
Do you believe that locks and alarms keep your stuff save?

Do you realize that every one of those beliefs helps someone make money off of you?  They do.  If you believe in someone’s product or idea, then you’ll buy it, or you’ll buy something as a result of it.  You’ll have a membership to a gym.  You’ll eat certain foods, and avoid others.  You’ll select one product over another, one service provider over their competitor. Why do you think ads are such big business?  Everyone wants your attention so they can sway your beliefs just enough for you to buy what they’re selling.

OK, so companies have caught on.  They know they’re in business selling beliefs.  I bet many companies spend more money on marketing than they ever used to and I bet the trend has been increasing in this regard for a while.  And that’s because I believe we are already inside of the Age of Belief.

In a way, I, in this very minute, am doing the same thing.  So what?  Well, as you know, my goal is to be as happy as I can be, to create the life I desire as gracefully as possible.  Part of my dream is to express my ideas, and part of that is through writing.  And part of being a writer is having people read, enjoy, and benefit from what I write.  So, yeah, I’m selling a belief.

Esther and Jerry Hicks are doing the same thing.  And again – so what?  Beliefs, in and of themselves, are not bad.  In fact, if you buy certain beliefs, they include a bunch others.  For example, the Law of Attraction says you’ll experience what you think about and expect.  Therefore it not only accepts all other beliefs, but says that every belief is in fact real.  Just thinking something begins to make it so and the more it is thought about, the more it is believed, and the more it becomes real to those who believe in it.

The specific belief that I’m selling goes beyond the Law of Attraction.  The Perfection of the Universe says that, yes you are creating your own reality, but it also says that everything that shows up is ultimately helping you.  It says that the Universe is conspiring with you to create what you want, even as you are creating what you don’t want. In fact, the Universe uses all of your creations to help you create better.

Now, can I prove this to you? No.  Can’t prove it any better than the other top belief systems out there.  Science can’t prove that it’s right (not in all ways).  Neither can any religion. Neither can Esther and Abraham.

Science says science is god.  It believes that some day it will be able to explain everything everywhere.

Religions often say God (of varying names) is god.  And given the specific god being promoted, there are specific criteria that are favored and others that are looked down upon.

And the Law of Attraction says that each of us is god.

Interesting thing is that there’s room for all of it.  The Law of Attraction and the Perfection of the Universe have room for all the others.  You can be happy or find happiness through any of them.

So, what’s my point?  Well, it’s this:  to be proficient, it is best to know what your big beliefs are in order to better manage your lesser ones.

Years ago, in my first manifestation class, I used to say: “Don’t believe your beliefs unless you really believe them.”  What I meant by that is, don’t believe a belief like “I’m not good enough” but do believe one like, “I do not know how to fly”.  “I’m not good enough” is a belief that can be changed.  That’s evident by the fact that not everyone around you holds that belief about you on all subjects.  Yet I’m pretty sure just about every person you ask will agree that you cannot fly and will encourage you NOT to try.

So, if there is something you are trying to create, consider that there are conflicting beliefs about it right now.  There has to be, otherwise you would already have what you want. So some part of you thinks you’ll succeed – hopes you’ll succeed, but some part of you is not sure.  Fine.  That’s where you are and it’s changeable.

However, what is the larger belief that surrounds your life?  Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?  If so, then don’t ask a question like, “What will happen tomorrow?”  That’s because the Law of Attraction says YOU’LL decide and you won’t decide until you do, and it will be now and not tomorrow.

On the other hand, if you believe that a specific supreme being of your choice has the greater influence on what will happen tomorrow, then you’d better have a talk with that being and in the way they prefer.  One might want you to meditate while another will want you to pray.  Your results, however, will match what you believe.

There is a guy who wrote a book and in that book talked a lot about opened-minded skepticism.  In his view, that’s the best way to increase the vibration of your consciousness.  However, right in this moment, I question that.

Consider this.  First, I assert that the opposite of ‘open-minded’ is ‘single-minded’.  I don’t want to say closed-minded for various reasons.  Next, I would say that skepticism is the same as doubt, but not the same as disbelief.  Disbelief is merely belief against, but it is still belief.  Doubt is being open to the idea that the belief might be true or not.

So, the Law of Attraction would say that open-minded skepticism is actually NOT what you want.  The openness and doubting will hinder the attractive nature of the belief.  So, in fact, single-minded absolute belief is a more powerful attractor. In other words, it will manifest quickly and purely.

Interesting.  This is actually a new thought for me.  I thought it was an asset that I was so open-minded.  Now I realized that that just makes me more knowledgeable and less successful.

In fact, I recently learned that one of my biggest obstacles was trying to prove everything to myself before sharing it with anyone.  I thought I was delivering a message – so I had to get the message right.  Now I realize I’m making it up – so who cares what anyone else thinks.  I AM selling my own ideas.

In fact, that’s why I chose to write fiction a while ago.  Intuitively, I knew I was making it up, so my desire for integrity guided me to write fiction!  Now, I am just feeling better about it because I see what I’m doing with more clarity!

So, start with your biggest beliefs and then work your way down.  Accept the big ones, and use what they teach to change the ones that are not serving you.

For example, belief in the Perfection of the Universe is absolutely useful for me.  Belief that I have to prove myself to other humans is not.  Belief that I fail when I choose the opposite of what I desire doesn’t serve me either.  Ah – that’s a subtle one.  Many who follow the Law of Attraction get stuck on that.  They know they are choosing, but think they fail when they choose incorrectly.  That’s a fast way to create more pain when you feel pain.

So this is where I’m at.  I believe I’m making it all up for myself. I believe I’ve attracted all that is good in my life.  I believe that everything that’s missing is a result of me having more fear and doubt than belief, at least up until now.  However, Perfection of the Universe is working with me to help and guide me into a state of at least 51% belief.  When my belief in what I desire is just a tad greater than the opposing ideas, then I’m on my way.  Belief creates evidence, which increases belief.  It’s that simple.

When your belief is less than 50%, stopping looking for evidence. That’s because fear and doubt are creating more than belief is, and that means the evidence will work against you.

And by the way, that’s where other beliefs help – like a belief in gods, God, the Goddess, goodness, angels, guides, and all the rest.  They are as real as you believe, so if you believe in them at all – seek them out.

But when your god is science – then pray in that church.  Work hard for results to get the ball rolling.  Seek proven ideas; research; experiment.  It’ll work just as well if you believe in it.

And just be aware of the beliefs that you’re buying and paying good money for.  Are you taking vitamins?  Well, if you believe in them great – then you’re investing in your health, but if you don’t believe in them then you’re wasting your money.  It is your choice and only you can know what’s right for you! Abraham says choices aren’t as important as alignment.  When you align with a choice, that’s when it’ll work for you.

So, don’t believe your beliefs, unless you really believe them, then line up with them as much as you can.

And by the way – in case you’re wondering why I haven’t been blogging much lately – it’s because I’ve been pouring all of my latest and greatest thoughts into my newest book.  In fact, I am very excited about it!


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