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Four Fore For

Once upon a time, I felt inspired.  I would sit and write with purpose and intention.  Often, I had just figured something out and wanted to share.

Today is not one of those days.  Today, I sit and I write without much of a clue as to where I’ll end up and what for.

Today is April 4, 2011 also written in the US as 4-4-2011.  Numerologically, today is a 4.4.4/12/3.

This morning, I woke before daybreak – something I haven’t been doing much since daylight savings began.  It was late enough for me to be hungry, so I got out of bed and fixed a bowl of cereal.  I opened the door to find it warm and humid.  It felt like it was in the high 70s, far too warm for early April.  As one who has been in Austin for 4 years, I sometimes fear the onset of summer.  If it comes too soon, it’ll be hard to get through.  Last year was not bad, but the two years before that?  Ugh.

I finished my bowl of cereal and climbed back into bed.  I didn’t intend to go back to sleep.  To tell you the truth, I’m not sure what I was thinking.  Right now, looking back, it doesn’t even seem like I was awake.

Lo and behold, I fell back asleep.  I guess it’s just what happens when one lies in bed in the dark.  My stomach was no longer complaining, keeping me awake. The cat was lying next to me and the French door was still open.

From my bed, looking out the doors these days, I see mostly leaves and just a little bit of sky – since all the trees back there have leafed-out.

In my sleep, I was dreaming.  I lived in a very different apartment.  A bunch of friends were visiting.  We were barbecuing in the back yard.  A storm was coming.  The wind picked up and then the sky grew dark.

I can remember the conversation we were having. Someone, who I do not know in real life, was telling me of her prediction.  She is psychic and according to her vision said that on 5-21-2011, the big one is coming.  The way she said it reminded me of my days in California when we would talk about ‘the big one’ – meaning earthquake.  In my dream, I was thinking that she was talking about a hurricane.  I guess my brain was aware of my being in TX.

In response to her, I spoke of the feelings I had been having lately.  I said that I felt like my life was closing in on me.  That some time eminent I was going to ‘freak out’.  I then said that a ‘storm coming’ would also fit what I was feeling.  Like the storm was going to shift my life in some significant and permanent way.

Simultaneously in real life, a storm was coming.  It was simply a cold front rolling through with strong rain preceding it.  I had not known the front was due, but my real life senses must have picked up on the wind while my dream mind formed and played the dream.

At one point, the wind sucked at the door and slammed it shut.  Both Notte and I were startled awake.  We both looked up at the door and the scene behind it was amazing.  I must have woken a few times already because I remembered that it had already rained and the temperature had already dropped.  This penultimate time I woke, I could not believe my eyes.

Daylight had broken, so there was plenty of light to see.  But the sky was dark and ominous.  The clouds certainly looked stormy.  However, the leaves of the trees were glowing the most amazing green I had ever seen.  It was unworldly.  There was something about the way the light hit them with the dark sky beyond.

One of the trees in the background still has flowers on it.  It’s hard to describe because it is not like a normal flowering tree.  These ‘flowers’ are lilac color, but very subtle. In normal daylight, you hardly notice, but in this odd glow, it was conspicuous.

If you’ve ever been near a tornado, that’s what the light looked like.  It was eerie, dark and light at the same time.  And the wind was whipping the trees this way and that.

When I woke the last time, groggy from oversleeping on a full stomach, I thought back through the morning.  I looked outside, and it was normal now.  The barbecue dream and the stormy view merged in my mind.  Neither felt real. But the door was shut, so that much had to have been real.

I also remembered thinking about a woman I met in Austin about four years ago.  She is a healer and specializes in the clearing of physical pain.  I have been having odd pains lately and had thought how I wished she was still in Austin now.

Just before writing this, I was on Facebook and noticed a post from her.  She doesn’t use Facebook often, so this was quite unusual. Her post was about the temperature in three cities around the world. The temperature she mentioned was 64 degrees.  In Austin, right now, it is 64 degrees (give or take).  The cold front had dropped the temp from the high 70s to the low 60s between when I woke the first time and when I ultimately got out of bed.

For the record, 4x4x4 = 64.

By this point, I may have already lost of few of you – my readers.  Maybe it’s a busy day and this odd story is just taking too much time.  But if you’re still here, you might be asking, “What’s all of this about?” Remember, I warned you!

But there is something worth mentioning.  This stream-of-conscious writing about an in-and-out, dreamy state is very Neptunian.  In Astrology, the planet Neptune rules dreams and alternate states of consciousness – including intoxication.

And, no matter what your age, for the first time in our lives, Neptune is in the sign of its rulership.  Neptune entered Pisces overnight (for those in the US time zones).  The last time it was at 0 degrees Pisces was 164 years ago.  (There’s that 64 again!)

None of us alive knows what this is supposed to feel like since we’ve not experienced it before.  And being that it’s Neptune we’re talking about, what you think about it is irrelevant.  It’s all about feeling!

Oh, and if you have specific interest in Astrology, check out this website:

When you first go there, you’ll see an astrological chart for the moment you first opened it.  If you do that today, you’ll notice that six planets are in Aries right now, plus three in Pisces.  The chart is very crowded on the left.

And if you want to see how things move, click the arrows above – left and right of the date.  You can advance or retreat the chart by year, month, day or hour…

And getting back to that date that came through in my dream: 5-21-2011.  I have never successfully predicted anything substantial in a dream, so I wouldn’t worry if I were you.  But it is interesting to note that 5-21-2011 is a 5.3.4/12/3.  It is a 12/3 just like today, but formed a bit differently.

The intuitive sight is not 20/20.  It is not logical.  At best, it makes sense some time after the fact.  So for right now, don’t ask me what this is all supposed to mean.  But I will say this, keep an eye out for some way to put the following together:

four fore for

Just before I wrote all of that, I glanced out of the window and my eyes locked on my TX license plate, which starts with ’64…’.

The number four is associated with the following words and concepts: stability, constancy, stagnation, support, foundation, building, slow and steady growth.

When I first wrote “four fore for”, I thought of these phrases:

The number four,
What for?

This month, this year, and this day are all fours.
My dream contained foresight in the form of a future date.
A big question on my mind right now is, “What for?”  “For what purpose?”

Something to think about…

More things to think about – and do:

In the tradition of Seth and Abraham, Frank Butterfield and Paul – A Communion of Light – host a workshop here in Austin:

Communion of Light Experience – Austin

Saturday, April 9, 2011
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Austin, TX


3 thoughts on “444”

  1. David, Thank you so much for this post. I often think it’s the things that we don’t fully understand that are the most helpful to share. I am very aware of the shift that is happening in me this morning. I’m not sure I understand it fully, and I know it’s happening. I’m very aware of my feelings and the watery nature of them right now. In my head I hear the word “Atlantis” and imagine that perhaps this is part of what is happening right now. A reconnection to our Atlantean natures. Completely speaking from my intuition right now, so not even really sure what that means, and it feels true for me. Thanks for your posts. Always.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to share when you didn’t feel like doing it! I love reading your posts. I did not notice that today is a -4-4-4, so thank you again!

    Four always feels foundation for me, and everything feels like it is working solidly today as I am working and being productive…no floundering…unlike the struggle the winds are playing against each other outside!

    Love and Blessings,


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