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Ask only Me

In 2016, the asking has been strong. Many people want a better life and want to live in a country they feel better about. Be it about economics or peace, opportunity or acceptance, many have been asking, asking, asking...and the majority of those asking, have been asking politically. And many are still asking...and demanding. They… Continue reading Ask only Me


An Exercise in the Perfection of the Universe

Every now and then when a new client walks in the door, they sit down and confess that they are nervous. “What if bad cards come up?” they ask. The dreaded negative cards in the Tarot. There are a handful of them and they do come up. So what are we supposed to do with… Continue reading An Exercise in the Perfection of the Universe

Thoughts and Opinions

The Business of Belief

If you look at recent history, we’ve gone through eras called: The Iron Age, The Machine Age, and the Information Age.  Most people think we’re still in the Information Age, but I think we’ve already shifted into another. I would call this the Age of Belief.  In fact, I assert that beliefs are big business… Continue reading The Business of Belief