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Ask only Me

In 2016, the asking has been strong. Many people want a better life and want to live in a country they feel better about. Be it about economics or peace, opportunity or acceptance, many have been asking, asking, asking…and the majority of those asking, have been asking politically.

And many are still asking…and demanding. They are asking for what they want by pointing at this and that and saying: “This cannot be. This thing that I do not want is wrong. You are wrong. This must stop. This is not right.” From the perspective the Universe, that is still asking.

If you look out into the world and see things that you do not like (or things that you fear), consider for a moment what you do want; think about what you are asking for. Now consider who you are asking. Is there a particular person or people you are asking…or, perhaps, a group or government?

If so, now read this; it is a message channeled from the Universe, from God/Goddess/All-That-Is:

Dear one. Whenever you ask of me, my answer is always the same: “Yes.” It is never, “No,” never, “Not until you learn,” and certainly not, “Only when you deserve it.” You do not need to earn my love or my gifts. They are yours for the taking, whenever you choose them.

However, though my answer be yes, do not assume who will be the one to deliver it. Doubt not that when you are not receiving, it is simply that: you not receiving. My gifts are always offered. What you do not have is what you have not yet accepted from me. What you are lacking, is what you are not yet choosing to see.

If you say to me, “Dear Universe, please bring me someone who loves and supports me,” rest assured that he or she has already been sent your way. S/he is in front of you right now. S/he is within reach. If you can’t see him or her, then adjust your eyes. But heed me when I say that you must stop looking at the wrong cups.

If you are angry with or fearful of the choices others are making and you are asking for safety, acceptance or ease, it may come in a different cup.

Most often, the issue is simply that you are staring at the wrong one. I told you I would bring you what you asked for; I didn’t tell you in which cup you would find it. So if the cup you are entranced with is not reflecting what you want to see, then you must look away from it. You must choose another cup. There are an infinity of cups out there – or nearly so. They will all reflect some aspect of you, your fears perhaps, or some created (believed in) illusion. Look wisely. Do not assume that any reflection is true. Decide what you wish about each one.

You are the decider. You are the all powerful one that has the ability to enrich your life, right here, right now, or wait some more. As we often say, “You have all the time in the world, but there is no reason to wait.” If you can’t stop looking into those discolored waters, then look some more. See them for what they are. Convince yourself what is there and what is not. Listen to all of the errant voices in your head if you must, and then, when you’ve had enough, choose again. Listen to my voice. Listen to your heart.

Look directly into a cup and see to its core. If you cannot see all the way through the layers of water, assume not what is there. You needn’t guess. You needn’t wait. You needn’t give anyone a chance. You simply have the option to choose or not the gifts offered.

The perfect reflection of the Four of Cups is simply this: if you are not experiencing life the way you wish to be, then you are not receiving the gifts allotted to you. You are simply looking in all the wrong places.

The more you are able to accept love where it is offered, and how it is offered, the more you will be flooded with love from all directions.

We say unto you this: Feel free to ask from any cup what you wish. If you seek to be loved, accepted, or treated in a particular way by a particular one, ask, but know that it is their prerogative to say no.

For a more efficient method of manifestation, ask only me! Make all of your requests unto me knowing that my answer is always yes. But to receive the gifts that I offer in return, you must look for the cup that I deliver to you. It might not be where you’re looking. In fact, when the Four of Cups appears, that’s exactly the message.

There is nothing wrong with you, nothing you need to learn, no karma you need to clear, no feat you need to surpass. You simply must look to the cup that is offered, and turn away from those that are not.

The truth is: All cups before you hold gifts. Even the ones that refuse to give you what you ask of them. The key is simply to see the gift that is offered. It may not be as easy as you think, but it needn’t be difficult either.

The Perfection of the Universe is simple. Every request is answered, and every cup has the free will to deliver a gift of their choosing. The Universe will handle all of the directing. Do only as you desire. Give only that which you choose to give. Accept or not what is given.

In a perfect world, everyone gives only as they choose, and receives as much as they choose. That is already happening – right here – right now.

You cannot simultaneously fight with the wrong cup and receive from the right one. You have to choose. Do you want to keep experiencing what you do not want, or are you ready to turn around and receive all that you want from the cups that are waiting for you, carrying all that you desire inside of them?


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