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What I want for Christmas

In my writing, you surely have noticed that I use many different terms for the same concept: God, Goddess, All-That-Is, Spirit, Source, The Universe, The I AM, and Infinite Intelligence. I don’t use them equally, but that’s just me. Any of the above works and all have something to contribute to the conversation.

Infinite Intelligence is becoming my new favorite. I tend to say (or write) The Universe or Spirit most often, but I do love thinking about Infinite Intelligence, specifically because of what those words actually mean.

Christmas is a time for asking, giving, and receiving. Remember those days when you were a kid and would write a list of all of your wishes? And remember what it felt like when you got the best of them?

Now that we’re adults, our greatest desires don’t likely fit under the Christmas tree and we don’t expect to unwrap them this week. However, we do ask and hope and pray for wishes to come to our way…some day.

As adults, we tend to look toward the New Year and hope that it brings at least some of our desires. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already begun taking inventory: reviewing what 2016 brought and what it failed to bring. Maybe our desires are different now than a year ago, or maybe they have been refined. And maybe last year’s list is reusable since just about everything from then is still on there now. Even if we got some of it, we might want more.

Sit with me for a moment as I walk though an exercise that Infinite Intelligence inspired within me.

Today is December 20th…the last full day of Autumn. In six months, we’ll be at the end of Spring. Without factoring in anything you believe to be impossible, imagine for a moment a best case scenario existence for yourself on that day. Don’t think about any of the time between now and then, just jump to the last day of Spring in 2017 and tell me (tell yourself, maybe even write down) what that best case scenario looks like.

Move around the different areas of life. What’s the best that could be happening with your income, your job, your career, where you live, your house. Maybe you have some new friends, maybe a new lover, maybe you’ve lost 10, 20, or 30 pounds. Maybe some health issue you’re dealing with now is long gone and on that last day of spring, you feel more energy and vitality than you have in years.

Go ahead and stretch what you think is probable. Don’t for a moment try to figure out how it will come together; just think about what it is like being there—what it feels like to be there. Imagine that you are sitting in front of the computer or looking at your phone, just as you are now, but imagine that your life is as good as anyone could have expected from six months of everything working out well.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you can conjure specific details or just a general feeling. It doesn’t even matter if you went through the effort of going there at all. The following will still be helpful and is something you can consider any time in the future.

Infinite Intelligence, being just that, is responsible for all of creation: everything you know about and everything you don’t know about. When you stop to think about it that way, it is very impressive.

If Infinite Intelligence is intelligent enough to create all that is, don’t you think it is intelligent enough to create the best case scenario that you just imagined for the end of Spring 2017? And don’t you think it could create that scenario in the time given, namely six months?

OK, now let’s take it a step further. Imagine for a moment that Infinite Intelligence is so intelligent and powerful, that it already created that best case scenario. As result of you and I thinking about the best case, IT calculated every step everyone would take to manifest that scenario. Clearly, it is not just your actions that need to fall in line. Your best case scenario requires cooperation for all sorts of people. If you imagined a new kitchen in your house six months from now, for example, someone had to put it together. Even if you did it yourself, surely you didn’t make your own appliances.

So yes, your ideal scenario requires a number of cooperative components with specific qualifications. But, remember, Infinite Intelligence knows everyone and knows what each can do and what each is willing to do..even what each wants to do. In fact, Infinite Intelligence is so intelligent, it can create all of the details of all of our best case scenarios all together.

So, as part of you and I imagining a best case scenario, Infinite Intelligence created (past tense) them. They already exist…somewhere.

If it’s hard to imagine that it already exists somewhere, then just think about the path there. Infinite Intelligence knows that, for sure!

This means, you and I don’t have to figure it out. Furthermore, we don’t have to create it. All you and I need to do, is allow Infinite Intelligence to guide us to it. There is a path from where we are to those best case scenarios that takes exactly six months to travel. Furthermore, there isn’t just one path for each of us, there are many, many options. We can miss cues all along the way, and still get there.

All of this may be a stretch of what you think is real, but it not beyond what many people are considering as the way things really work. I didn’t come up with this idea on my own, after all. I’ve read of it here and there and have been noticing how it keeps coming up.

Belief is all powerful, experientially. In other words, the only difference between what is possible and what we actually experience is the result of our beliefs.

And that’s ok. I only asked you to imagine a place in six months that is the highest you could hope for based on your current beliefs. If that happened, which you agreed is possible, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Wouldn’t that help you believe even more is possible than you believe today?

There are people all around us doing amazing things. We see them on TV and on the Internet and we marvel at their talents, their displays, their wealth, their confidence, and their grace. Remember that in nearly every case, the individual wasn’t born with the ability to do what they are now doing. They walked a path from their birth to their present. They had to start somewhere and I’m sure they missed plenty of cues along the way.

Six months is not a very long time. On that last day of Spring, you would look back on today and marvel at how quickly it all came together.

For now, just know that it is possible. If you let Infinite Intelligence do it for you, you can consider it done!


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