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A Delicious Conversation

Weekends.  No matter how many of them go by, it still amazes me how different it can feel on either end of one.  Doesn’t seem to matter whether a weekend is a true weekend off of work, or one with work the whole time.  I’ve had both – just this month – and in each case, they changed everything.

In some ways, this past weekend felt like the commercial break between one program and the next, between my life the way it was, and my life the way it will be. To mix it up, I’ll talk about the weekend from the middle to the end, then back to the beginning where it all started.

The middle was most decidedly Sunday morning.  That morning seemed to last forever.  Time moved glacially, and the air was about as cold as if I were in fact riding one.  Although the sun did rise in the sky, there was little evidence.  One friend said it was as if Austin itself was having a hangover from Saturday night.  What a brilliant description!  (Thank you, Megan for your always unique, eloquent, and amazing perspective on life!)

In my own personal plight, I felt lost in the middle.  Just when I thought the train of my life was finally lunging forward and overcoming the inertia of a complete stop, the forward movement ceased once again.  I impatiently looked at my watch and wondered if I would ever make it to my destination at this rate.

Today is Monday, the other side of the weekend, and I am – well – somewhere.  It is as if the universe had unlocked a door and is now saying, “I dare you!  I dare you to walk through that door!”  Will I do it?  Can I?

This is all fine and good, poetic and obscure, but you’re probably sitting there wondering when I’ll get to the point – and that’s what’s coming next.  It’s all about what happened on Friday.

Friday started off in a more or less not uncommon way. A blog entry was the task for the morning and a reading was scheduled for the afternoon.  The added bonus was that after both of these, I was then going to receive a reading.  Well, the blog went well enough, and the reading I gave, while unique and different and strange and good, was still within the bounds I’ve experienced before.  Where things got a little more interesting was what followed.

Now, I’m sure most of you reading this have heard of Esther Hicks and are familiar with channeling.  Maybe a bunch of you have even received a channeled reading before and/or talked to Abraham via Esther at one of their Art of Allowing workshops.  Before Friday, I had already experienced all of those.

About six or seven years ago, I had my first channeled reading with Paularyo via Connie Russert.  At the time, it was a wholly new experience for me.  Then at the end of 2006, just before moving here, I attended an Abraham-Hicks workshop and got to sit in the hot seat and talk to Abraham directly.  Boy was that exciting!

And then, on Friday afternoon, I sat across from Frank Butterfield and talked to Paul / The Communion of Light and oh what a most delicious conversation it was!

Now it would be unfair for me to compare these three channeling experiences because of me.  I was a very different person in each one of them – so much growth and experience lie in between.  As I am the creator of my own experience, I am sure I called to me very different things with each one.

And yet, at the same time, I am, by virtue of the sum of my experiences, qualified to make observations knowing fully well that I am merely stating my opinion – educated or not.

So let me just say that my experience with Frank and Paul was liken to a private serenade by Lady Gaga about three or four years ago – you know – before the rest of the world caught on as to how good of a singer she really is.  Her music may not be your thing, but her talent is undeniable.

And so Frank is, at this time, still within reach, while awareness of him and his talents rapidly spreads across the plains and valleys.

And so, to cease the flowery description for a moment, and stab straight to the heart, I am here to recommend to you all, Frank and his offerings.  What a unique time to catch him it is! (I sound like Yoda.)  Frank is still available enough for private one-on-one readings as well as living room sessions for you and your friends.  He is every bit as valuable and delightful as Esther, and yet so much more affordable!  LOL!  (Actually, Esther, to my understanding, doesn’t even do private readings any longer.)

So, don’t wait for the rest of the world’s acknowledgment of Frank’s success.  If you desire the experience of a delightful channeled conversation with one from who knows where, go for it!  As Paul himself would say, take a moment to feel how wonderful the experience will be, and then step into the flow.

Thanks to Paul, I am seeing the unlocked door that is before me and am now sliding my toe forward as I anticipate what lies on the other side. Even if this were not the case, the experience itself was simply delightful.  It needn’t be anything more to be valuable…

You can find Frank in all sorts of places, but here are a few to start:






3 thoughts on “A Delicious Conversation”

  1. Oh my! This is a particularly delicious thing to read on a Monday morning!!

    Thank you David for all the amazing gifts given and received on Friday — it was quite a spectacular day and being able to sit in the session (as I like to call it) with you was just awesome!

    And, I will “out” myself as the person who had the reading from you. It was amazing. The gifts from it kept unfolding all throughout the weekend. I really do thank you for your profound gift and healing presence.

    Wow! What a great way to start the week!

    Much love,


  2. I’ve never had a private reading from Frank, but he did speak (as well as COL) at a class I was taking on learning how to channel. I found it was my favorite class because of Frank himself and his channeled entities. What was said really resonated with me and inspired me to “come out” as a channel myself.

    I’m forever in his debt for that time he shared with our group.



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