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Technology versus Spirituality

In the late 1990s, I got my first cell phone.  I still remember to this day how cool it felt to make and receive phone calls while walking down the street.  I often think that the cell phone is probably the single most significant technology to emerge in my lifetime.  Computers were around before I was born. The Internet would be a close second.

Around that time in the late 90s, I found myself saying to my sister, “Watch.  First there are cell phones – next there is telepathy.  The technology is just getting us used to being able to talk to anyone from anywhere.”  The theory that emerged from this statement was that technology and spiritual evolution move hand in hand. I believe that more now than ever.

A few years ago, I taught a course called The Shifting Role and Purpose of Relationship in the New Energy.  (Yeah – that’s a mouthful.) In that class, I first spoke about the Law of One and the seven densities.  I then spoke about where we are and where we’re going.  And finally, I took all of this information and applied it to relationship

To this day, I find that information pertinent and significant.  In fact, I hope to write a book on the subject! (It is far too involved for a blog.)

What I do want to mention here, is the connection between technology and spiritual evolution.  Cell phones – point-to-point communication at any time to/from nearly any place – is one fairly obvious one.  In fact, I can attest that my own telepathic development has indeed increased quite a bit since the late 90s.  The most significant improvement of this skill has been since moving to Austin in 2007.

So what is another example?

Believe it or not, Facebook!

As we humans continue to shift into the next density – or the next highest vibration if you prefer – life will become more transparent.  That is because we’re becoming more telepathic and more empathic.  All of us will have access to more information, which of course means that what is hidden will be revealed or at least more evident.

Well, since Facebook became the de facto social media, exactly that has already begun to happen.  We cannot be a part of the Facebook community and hide aspects of ourselves easily.  That is because with Facebook, we are not in full control of our own profile.  Our whole community contributes.  Others post pictures of us, have public conversations with us (on our walls), and make comments publicly about us.  Even if we tighten security, we still cannot control what our friends say to us or about us and someone will see.

We’ve even become more exhibitionist.  What we say in a heated moment reaches more people now than ever.  Those who pay attention can see so much more of what is going inside of us.  Think about that the next time you post a status message in an emotional huff!

Another aspect of Facebook that is inline with human evolution is that it is a collective.  According to the Law of One, at some point (far, far in the future), we’ll merge into a collective consciousness far more connected than what we have today.  We’ll naturally be less individual as we continue to move towards unity. Don’t worry however.  We’re not going to be the Borg any time soon. You’ll have your individual self for eons longer, so don’t forget to exercise it regularly!  LOL

The last example I’ll hit on today is the text message.  Despite the ease with which we can call and talk to each other, many a time we prefer a short text.  It is quick.  It is to the point.  And it needn’t a response or at least not right this second.  We can shoot one off in the middle of doing a bunch of other stuff and not really interrupt ourselves (or the other person) much.

But the length and nature of text messages makes them very easy to misunderstand.  The other day, for example, a good friend and I were having a brief text conversation when it became clear to both of us that we were not having the same one.  He read my words in a completely valid way, but not the way I meant.  Luckily, the misunderstanding was not at all emotional or personal and it became very clear to both of us that we were in fact not inline.  We then rectified the situation quickly.

In personal relationships, sometimes a misunderstanding escalates emotionally before there is realignment.  This can happen with emails almost as easily as texts, yet even happens in spoken conversation.

So why is this and what is the connection to spiritual growth?

The reason misunderstanding happens is because there is missing information.  If we are simply reading words, there are multiple meanings – hence the term double-entendre.

So, which meaning is the one we’ll latch on to?

Well, that in and of itself is the most significant part of the experience.  We will latch onto the meaning that is most expected!  If we choose to read a statement in a way that is hurtful to us, then we are most expectant of being hurt!  Now that is the point!  That is the information that is wanting our attention!  That is the Perfection of the Universe!

The other point is that when a misunderstanding happens and results in ‘negative’ emotion, that is also telling us to tune in!  We have more than one sense.  A text is conveyed primarily in one way and received solely with the eyes.  Same with email.

Spoken conversation on the phone is a little different.  We primarily use our ears, but there is a little more that we are hearing than just the words. We also hear between the words.  We catch intonation and nuance.

Then, with in person conversation, we capture facial expression.  We actively use two senses and thus have access to more information.

Yet our 5 senses are still not all that we have.  Every one of us, whether we use them or not, have additional senses.  We can always feel into what is conveyed.  Texts, emails, spoken words over phone lines, and in person conversations ALL convey additional unseen information.  Our technology, unbeknownst to many, conveys these unseen energies.  If we tune in, we can capture that information and gain a better understanding.

The Moon
The Moon

And alas, there is still going to be interpretation.  You might feel that something is off, but still not know what it is. And that’s when you choose.  You quickly and unconsciously choose to interpret the limited information and emotionally react.  Well, most of us do that most of the time anyway. And that is still perfection.

That is what the Moon card in the Tarot is all about.  When external light is low, our own light shows more.  When we don’t know what someone really meant, that’s when we learn what our expectation is.   And although we might get hurt for a while, the information is still useful, helpful, pertinent and for our greatest good.  In the end, it helps us understand ourselves better.

The better we know ourselves, the less we need to know anything else.  Every experience, every person, every thing out there is either in line with what we want or off to some degree.  And we get to choose to move toward it or away from it.  It really is that simple.  That’s why we each have infinitely more power than we think.

Now, knowing how to move away from something without getting entangled is another story and another thing to learn and perfect.  We’ll save that for another day.

So, no matter whether you love technology or loathe it, it is serving humanity’s spiritual growth – at least in my opinion.  You’ll be drawn to what is most here for your own specific growth, and you’ll not be draw to the rest.  Resistance and hate of technology – well that’s a different message…

Happy texting, emailing, cell phone calling, Skyping, Facebooking, and whatever else you find yourself doing!  Most of this wasn’t around 20 years ago.  Enjoy it!

Uh – OK – I lied – I’m not going to end there.

The phone rang, then the doorbell rang, and after a shower I got a clear message to continue.

On the phone was my sister and, to no surprise, she started talking about the essence of this blog.

And the doorbell?  Well, that was some goodies I ordered on the Internet.

The Internet, the Internet – what can I tell you about the Internet.  What is it showing us? Teaching us? Where is it leading us to?

In a word, Nirvana (or Heaven if you prefer)!

The Internet is a model of the Universe.  Yes nothing less than a model of the entire (more than physical) Universe.

Today, I personally can find every single thing I desire on the Internet. You can find knowledge, entertainment, movies, books, and music. You can earn money or spend money. You can find toys and boy-toys, dates and mates.  Mere days or minutes after a click and your desired objects arrive.

And yet, lingering in the crevices are all sorts of things to fear… Just like real life.

Yet the Internet is not real.  Nothing about it is real.  It does not exist in physical form.  The digital dollars are not real, nor are the photos or the movies.  Nope, not the music, not the websites, nor the stores.  Nothing you find on the internet is real.  It is not physical.  You cannot touch a single bit.

Yes, physical objects store and convey the data, the bits and the bytes.  Yes, for every digital store, there is a real one (or maybe a warehouse or garage).  Yes, the pictures and movies are OF real things, but they themselves are not real.  Media is nothing but pure vibration, pure information.  You can store it in memory or on a disk, but you can’t hold it, or touch it.  Even a book is just a bunch of paper that holds a copy of a non-physical story.  The story can be told even if there is no book.  The story exists non-physically; the book is what is physical.

The Internet is here to show us that none of this is real either – and yet we have real experiences with all of it.  An hour on the Internet can leave us laughing or crying, in horror or excited with anticipation.

The point is, with the Internet, everything is attainable, but we have to find it.  Our choices are clicks.  Our vibration is our inclination.  When we surf, we can only go where we’re led.  If we end up in a good place, we’re following the higher vibrations within us.  If we end up traumatized, well then we’re not choosing wisely.

Today, physical items showed up at my door.  A physical person driving a physical truck delivered them to me.  Some person put the box together and sent it my way.  We, physical humans are interacting in a physical world. The virtual reality of the Internet is not meant to replace the physical, but enhance it.  And yet, we can have alternate experience through the Internet if we choose, just like we can reach altered states of existence through meditative focus.  We can lose ourselves in the Internet and forget that it is not real.  That’s because our focus makes it real. Our focus makes everything real.

So often, I forget to use the Internet to achieve desired goals.  I forget that it’s all right there.  I get stuck in a particular vibration and think there’s nothing new out there, and then one day I seek for more and find.  Recently, I’m finding all sorts of fun things.

Enjoy your power of choice no matter how limited the choices seem.  They’ll expand as you expand!  Technology will lead you, guide your, or prod you forward.  It’s all good!


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