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59 (and a half)

In less than an hour, I’ll be doing a double Astrology reading. Both clients are roughly 59 1/2 years old (one almost exactly). They both were born during the summer of 1959. Furthermore, they were born 59 days apart!

When I was preparing their charts, I noticed something very interesting. There is something special that happens at roughly 59 years.

Let’s compare Jan 1, 2019 and Jan 1, 1960. First off, notice that:

  • Saturn is and was in Capricorn
  • Jupiter is and was in Sagittarius

If you were born on 1/1/60, then you would be having a Saturn return and a Jupiter return at the same time! Well, this is more or less always true. In other words, our second Saturn return and our fifth Jupiter return will always occur somewhat near each other, and this is simply planetary geometry.

  • Saturn takes 29.457 earth years to circumnavigate the sun. Twice that is: 58.9 years.
  • Jupiter takes 11.86 earth years to make his trip around the sun. Five times that is: 59.3 years.

Because Astrology is based on an earth-centric model, Astrological returns vary. In other words, we (Astrologers) look at the Solar System from our perspective here on earth.

This particular year, we have a lot more than Saturn and Jupiter making things look similar. Here is a complete list of similarities between 1/1/2019 and 1/1/1960:

  • Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn
  • Jupiter in mid-Sagittarius
  • Mercury in late-Sagittarius
  • Venus in late-Scorpio
  • Mars in a fire sign (Aries now, Sagittarius then)
  • Uranus in a fire sign (Aries now, Leo then)
  • Neptune in a water sign (Pisces now, Scorpio then)
  • Pluto in an earth sign (Capricorn now, Virgo then)

That is quite similar in terms of elemental vibration!

Today is January 6, 2019. When I looked at the date this morning, I remembered that my mom referred to this as Little Christmas. It is the 12th day after 12/25.

Astrologically, we have something special happening today. In fact, given it’s not even been a full week of 2019, we have a lot special going on.

  • This afternoon, Uranus stations direct. Once that happens, we’ll have all major planets pro-grade (moving forward) at the same time! This lasts until March 5th when Mercury next stations Retrograde.
  • On NYE, Mars entered his ruling sign of Aries (where he’ll remain until Valentine’s day). We now have 4 planets in signs of rulership.
    • Neptune in Pisces
    • Saturn in Capricorn
    • Jupiter in Sagittarius
    • Mars in Aries
  • Yesterday evening (US time), we had a New Moon in Capricorn, which was also a partial Solar Eclipse
  • In two weeks, we’ll have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which we will be able to see here.

A lot of Astrologers are already writing about 2020. What’s the hype? Well, a lot will be happening around Pluto and Capricorn!

  • At the start of the year (around 1/12/2020 we’ll have a four-way conjunction between Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn
  • At the start of Spring, we’ll have a three-way conjunction between Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn
  • At the start of Winter (around 12/21/2020) Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct in the first degree of Aquarius (having only entered that sign days before and two days apart

There is plenty of Astrology to focus on in the mean time, so Happy 2019 everyone!



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