Today is May 17th. (Happy Birthday, Mom!) We also happen to have four planets in four different signs each at 17 degrees. As a result, the four planets aspect each other and form an interesting visual.

Consider the following chart:2014-05-17

In addition to the four planets at 17 degrees, I added Saturn at 19 Scorpio, since it completes the visual—symmetrically and aesthetically.

Squares provide fuel and Trines allow movement. When drawn this way (with Pisces in the first house), we see a spaceship blasting off. [Notice that it is flying directly away from Taurus, the most earthy of earth signs.]

There is more going on than I have drawn. The Grand Cross continues to unwind, but with legs that are still within orb.

Taking inventory of life around me, there is still tension and obstacle challenging us to improve our creating. It’s as if everything comes at a price and mistakes are especially costly.

Days ago, the opposition of sun and moon we call the Full Moon occurred nearly along the mid-line of the above image. The moon sat just degrees away from Saturn. This is the last time in nearly 30 years the Full Moon in Scorpio will sit adjacent to Saturn in Scorpio. This time next year, Saturn will occupy the earliest degrees of Sagittarius.

Saturn in Scorpio has been a season akin to this past winter: long, cold, and painful. It is not over yet, but it’s getting there. Today’s configuration seems to channel energy toward Saturn as if further encouraging us to complete what this past 2 1/2-year season has been about.

For a rocket to reach space, it must exhaust and expel a lot of energy, but once it crosses the threshold, it’s smooth sailing from there.



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