One Day Later

In yesterday’s post, I focused on an image created primarily from four planets occupying 17 degrees of their respective signs. Mercury has already moved a full degree since then, but thanks to the moon, we have four planets at 17 degrees again. Yet look at how different the image appears:2014-05-18

In this chart, we now see a kite and a T-Square. [Mercury is still within orb, but I have erase those aspect lines for the diagram above.]

The T-Square resembles 3/4 of the Grand Cross, except two of the points are different. The moon exactly squares Venus just degrees off of the square between Pluto and Uranus, which is weakening at present.

Today’s kite has a lot in common with yesterday’s visual. Kites fly—as do spaceships—however, they glide. They are not powered internally. Instead, they float on the breeze.

As if on cue, I made a decision last night. I decided that I needed to let go of the steering-wheel and ease off of the gas some. When I returned from California, I was gung ho to (re)start my life in Austin. In looking back, the energy most resembled what January used to feel like for me. After the long holiday break, I would always find nearly a full month of productivity and forward progress.

Now that’s easy to do in the office, but not necessarily so with life in general. After two weeks of pushing forward, I have discovered that I am, in fact, dragging a bunch of the past along.

When you look at the image above, as drawn, you will notice that the kite leans to the left. It looks tethered to the earth by the T-Square. And that’s why I am making an effort to let go of the wheel. A kite floats on the wind. It has to ride the currents—in other words, it has to stay on top of them.

The visual of the T-Square is an anchor—pulling back toward old habits, perhaps?

As you take inventory, you will likely find plenty of energy: drive and ambition. That is the good part! Obstacles and problems to be solved are apparent. That is also good—much better the devil you know…so to speak. The piece that is the bridge spanning the two is the new approach to life you have already been working on. At this point, it isn’t exactly new any longer. You have sought it, discovered it, contemplated it, and have intended to use it. All that remains is to apply it.

Engineering is applied science. Building a bridge does not require the creation of new technology; it simply calls for using what is already known and then applying it to physical world.

Untether your kite by allowing your new approaches to gain precedence over your old habits. By leveraging your assets, you will make more progress with less effort.


1 thought on “One Day Later”

  1. nailed it!! thank you for your posts. they are so validating and help keep things in check, for me. i too, have too learn to float with the wind… which can be particularly difficult, having only one natal planet in an air sign… 😉


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