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[Post updated on 7/19/2021.]

The Justice card pictured here is about the exactness of Manifestation.  It is also about Karma.  More times than not, it feels intimidating – to me anyway.  I guess it’s all of those years in Catholic school and the threat of having to pay for my sins, which by Catholic definition is nearly everything fun in life.

Well, the other day, spirit talked to me about Karma this way:

Karma is like hearing your own voice.

You see, we are nothing but vibration at our core – in our most true form.  Like in last week’s blog, this means that as we express who we really are, we sing.

Karma is just us hearing our own song.  The vibrations we send out make their way back to us.  It’s a feedback loop.

Why would it be designed this way?  So we can evolve consciously.  If we couldn’t hear our own voice, we could never learn to sing proficiently.  Ask any singer – I’m sure they listen to the music they make in order to then improve it.

So Karma’s not punishment, it’s not paying for sins, and while it does employ cause and effect, it really is simply the sound of our own song, which by hearing it then allows us to make it better. It’s a simple message, but good enough to share.


1 thought on “Justice”

  1. This is such the correct sense I am having of karma in this moment; hearing your own song. Thank you so much for that expression and insight.



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