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11.11.10 – Eleven-Eleven-Ten

Yesterday, a friend and reader of this blog asked if I was going to write about the significance of 11.11. Upon reading her email, I realized that I hadn’t even thought about it. Then I was surprised that I hadn’t thought about it – given the fact I’ve been so into numbers lately.

And of course, I have written about 11:11 before (and 11).  And it is 11.11.10 – not 11.11.11!

Truth be told, I think (and feel) that there is more significance to this entire month than there is to this day specifically.

But, of course, it is 11.11 today and I do have something to say.

Yesterday, 11.10.10, I was visiting with a friend.  He had a birthday recently and this had me thinking and questioning his astrological birth chart.  I asked him if he knew his moon and rising sign and as he voiced what he thought they were, I heard the signs just before he said them.  He said to me that he thought his rising sign was Sagittarius and his moon sign was Pisces – which was exactly what I was getting in that very moment. It was like his voice was echoing my own thoughts.

I then asked him for the details of his birth and looked up his chart. As normally happens, I started getting a download of information about him and his life purpose this time around.   It turned out that he and I had the right signs, but in the opposite places – and right now as I’m writing this, I realize that this is the entire theme of his birth and mission. In fact, I am also realizing that this is partly the theme for this entry and 11.11.

Another thing that spoke to me was his age and mine.  This year, he turned 24 and I turned 42 – same digits transposed.  The other day was 11.09.10, which is the transposition of the date 09.11.01.  All of this is significant to a greater message, which I am only right now piecing together.

A number of times recently, I spoke of 2 representing partnership and opposition.  Eleven is a Master Number and reduces to 2.  This means that it is a higher meaning of two – sort of like the same note played at a higher octave.

Eleven is the first Master Number, but also, in a sense, the most significant Master Number.  Why?  Because from the 11, you arrive at all the other Master Numbers.  Eleven added to itself will produce the rest.

But there is another significance to 11, which I think I mentioned before.  In Roman number notation, 2 is written as II.  And II looks very much like 11, which reduces to 2. So there is a deep significant relationship between 2 and 11.

The High Priestess
The High Priestess

In fact, look at Tarot card #2 – The High Priestess – and you will find two pillars, one black, one white, which look like an 11 and also a gateway.

But consider this.  With 11, the two forces are not opposing each other; they are not crossing each other; they are not joined; they are parallel.

Look strictly at the image itself:
When two lines cross, they look like this:     + or  x
When two lines join, they look like this:       < or  >
But with eleven, the two lines look like this:     ||

So what does eleven mean again numerologically?

Eleven means Illumination. Illumination is the shining of light on something, thus revealing aspects and characteristics of it that were already there – maybe always there – but which appear new as they were previously unseen.

Ok.  So what does 11.11 mean?  Well, we now have a double illumination.

For some reason, I keep thinking about this quote from the bible:

“So the last shall be first, and the first last.”

I am also getting that 11.11 is when the light shall reveal the dark, and the dark shall reveal the light.

In other words, the illumination indicated by 11.11 is a cross shining.  It is a reversing of the poles.  It is one way the Perfection of the Universe works.  It is when your biggest mistake results (ultimately) in your greatest victory.  It is when an outpouring of compassion comes from a man, and an impressive display of strength from a woman.

But what is another aspect of illumination?  In physics terms, illumination is the shining of light, the radiating of electromagnetic waves.  In other words, it is vibration!

Vibration is light; it is sound; it is love.  Vibration conveys information, heat, and energy.

But vibration is all there is.

Some time back, I wrote about The Lovers card in the Tarot – card #6.  The Lovers can indicate romantic relationship, but more typically indicates choice. Over a year ago, spirit explained it to me this way:

There are two ways to experience source or love.  You can experience it solely in and of yourself (via meditation and self love) or you can experience it via reflection through relationship (romantic love).  You can expand this out to say the choice is between external and internal – between other and self.

In fact, this is a choice we make all of the time – over and over again.  In every act, are we thinking of self or other? Are we seeking outside to fill and fulfill or are we seeking inside?  Are we praying (for something we don’t have) or in appreciation (for what we do have).

In the eyes of spirit – these are equal choices!  This is a very significant underlying message of The Lovers.  The choice is not a choice between good and evil, just a choice between two equivalent but unique paths.

Embedded in this meaning is eleven – two parallel paths.

Now what spirit told me yesterday while I was tuned in to my friend, was that there is a third choice!  Remember, divinity work in threes.  The mundane (duality) works in twos, but spirituality works in threes.  There is the lower self, higher self, and god self – body, mind, and spirit – past, future, and present.

So the first choice is to walk looking outward.  In this way, everything that we see is a reflection.  It is the result of our creation.  Through every experience, every relationship, every person, place, and thing that we encounter, we are guided through experience, learning, and evolution.

The second choice is to sit looking inward. In this way, you are decidedly observing your self.  You are contemplating; you are feeling.  You accept responsibility for all that is and then choose, discern, and decide.

The third choice is to sing.  In our most pure and everlasting expression, we are simply vibration. We are a unique vibration, a unique expression of All-That-Is.  We are thus a sound, a tune, and also a rainbow of light and color.  Sound is vibration. Light is vibration. Love is vibration. It is all energy expressed. We are all of these and we can journey, experience, express, and evolve solely through the singing of who and what we are!

In the first choice, we experience judgment from others.  As we look out, we see approval or disapproval.  Our journey is thus to discern and decipher this ‘data’ to find what is significant for our growth and evolution.

In the second choice, we experience self-judgment.  When we take full responsibility, we can still be disappointed in our self.  We can succeed or fail.

And yet, only in the third choice do we escape all of this. When we simply radiate our unique vibration, we can only be ourselves.  We cannot succeed or fail because we are simply expressing what we are in that very moment.  A vibration can only be created in the now.  It is a function of time, but is produced in the now.

If we sing off tune – so be it.  That’s who we are right now. We can evolve to create a brighter light, a sweeter tune, a softer love, but we can only sing what we sing now – and in this way, we are perfectly expressing who we are in this moment.

If we learn to experience ourselves solely as the expression of who we are, we will let go of all expectation, all requirement, all disappointment.  We will no longer need to weed through the reaction of others to determine if we did good or not.  We won’t need to be loved to feel loved.  We won’t seek someone telling us we are beautiful or worthy to realize we are beautiful and worthy.

When we choose path #1 or path #2, we then need illumination and disillusionment to advance.  We are seeking and thus through 11, we find.

Yet in the third path, we simply are.  We are the 11 and thus do not need the 11.

So, eleven is the higher vibration of two. It is when all things within us that are viewed as opposites align and are then expressed as a unique pattern that is who we really are.  We will no longer be hard or soft, but a unique combination.  We will no longer be male or female, but a unique expression.  We will no longer be bright or dim, but a unique illumination.

And, en route, there is the 11.11.  That is when we shine our light and our darkness.  That’s when our darkness reveals our light, and our light reveals our darkness. That is when the so called forces of good and evil out in the world reflect and reveal each other.

Illumination – disillusionment – unveiling.

There are many out there who believe in innate goodness and innate evil and they believe that these two forces are at war.

I don’t buy it.  It doesn’t fit with anything that I’ve ever ‘heard’.

As children, we were taught that religion is solely good and crime is solely bad, but a day may come (or might already have) when a priest betrays us, and a criminal saves us.

Something supposedly good may be revealed to be bad, and something touted as bad may in fact be quite good. It’s all part of the journey.

And that is the value of an 11.11.


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