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Surely, anyone reading this knows about the creation story from the book of Genesis in the Bible.  But what most people don’t know is what happened next.

Yes, God created the universe and the world in six days.  And yes, He rested on the seventh.  But what happened on the eighth day, and the ninth?

Well, on the eighth day, God looked at all that he had created and thought to Himself, “I’m not sure I like this here.  And look at that!  That’s not what I had in mind. Oh, and I think I need to do something about those over there. Hmm.”

So God shook his head and scratched his beard, and then on the ninth day, He began unmanifesting what He didn’t like.

OK, so that’s not what really happened, or maybe it did.  Doesn’t matter.  What does matter (to me) is that’s what’s happening in my life!  And, of course, I suspect I’m not the only one.

As an aside – I’m working on a plan for 2011. I am contemplating a new and better way to write this blog for the coming year.  Yes, I plan on being around that long and yes, I plan on many other things being around as well.  So, stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.

However, it is still 2010 and I am continuing with the current trend.  And that trend is not only to share insights that I obtain from wherever, but to also describe how I got them – that’s why the cards – that’s why the numbers.  That’s why I continually refer back and then expand forward.  That’s how it’s been working for me and that’s how I’ll continue today.

Allow me to recap some of the pieces for today’s puzzle building.

In Spiders, I wrote:

“A spider not only spins its web, which is a creation in and of itself, but it’s through this weaving that it also creates its dinner!  Spiders don’t hunt.  They don’t search for food. They create their webs and wait for dinner to come to them!”

In The Grim Reaper, I wrote:

“I found a thread that when I pulled on it started to unravel the veil that was blocking my understanding.”

In The Brink?, I wrote:

“So, while it’s good to know what indifference does for us, it is hard to use as a tool of manifestation (or unmanifestation as the case may be).”

In a number of other entries, I wrote about disillusionment and enlightenment and explained how they are really two sides of the same sword.  When you uncover the truth, you uncover the lies; there is no way around it.

Incidentally, in real life, a friend of mine has been knitting up a storm and enjoying every minute of it.

So, for the last few months, Spirit has been reiterating to me how the Law of Attraction works. They have been illustrating this through symbols and totems: strings and threads, weaving and knitting, spiders and webs, the veil.  They have showed how partnership and opposition, pro and con, philos and phobos, illumination and disillusionment are two side of the same coins.

And, within all of this are the predictions of Half Past Human, which are looming and due to begin a mere week away. In fact, three specific words they are using, which I just discovered today, are ungluing, unstitching, and unraveling – and two out of three of them match what I’ve been getting. Hmmm….

So what does this all mean?

For one, I think I now have enough information to put it all together – albeit in abstract terms.  And for two, I am still not concerned – or worried – or scared.

Here’s why.

In any journey of manifestation from where we are (lacking something) to where we want to be (experiencing something) there is the attracting, drawing in, weaving a web to catch that which is desired. Today, at the beginning of the journey, we perceive that something is missing, and then at some point in the future, we see it, have it, get a hold of it, and experience it.

But just as manifestation is the weaving, knitting, creating, it is also an unweaving, unraveling, and uncreating. For example, if I want to create a lean body, I need to uncreate the excess fat that hides it.  If I am weaving a web to attract a new greater experience of work, then I need to unravel the web that has me stuck in my old job.

Again, these are two side of the same coin.

So what Spirit is showing me is this.  For years, we’ve been weaving new webs of attraction.  Our webs are never done, because we will continue to refine them. At the same time, they might not be active, dominant, or apparent because something else (the old) is blocking them.

The image is this.  There is a beautiful new web in the tree that is primed and ready to catch the next greatest experience we desire.  However, the old web is in front of it.  It is the one we’ve created years ago and which is catching all of the not so loved experiences we have now.  It does catch some good stuff, but maybe too much other stuff we no longer want.

And what is happening now is a grand unraveling.  We are pulling on the strings of our old webs and they are coming unglued.  We are unmanifesting our prior points of attraction.

But you know what will happen when they’re gone?  Our new webs will take over. They are already there, they are just blocked.  Once the old web, veil, or sheet has been removed, then certain things will then pass through us, and other things will catch hold.

The old web is dense, sort of like a shield.  It may catch experience we like, but also catches experience we don’t like, and might be deflecting other things we want.  And it needs to go.  So by pulling on loose threads, we are actively and en masse, unraveling. Unraveling the old ways. Unraveling old systems.  Opting out of the way things have been done for a long time that no longer serve us.

But we needn’t fear because when the disillusionment happens, so will the illumination.  When the old webs are gone, we’ll be able to see the new webs that replaced them.  When the old buildings outside our windows fall, we’ll have a new view and see the new stuff that was being created in the shadows.

So, knit to your hearts content. Keep weaving the new webs whether they seem to be working or not.

And also keep pulling on those loose strings to unravel the old webs, to unravel the veil that is hiding the truth.  Allow the truth to come out.  Allow the old to fall away.

Can this process be jarring or scary.  Well, yeah, sure.  Transformation is profound, but it is also rare.  It is only scary because it doesn’t happen enough for us to get used to it.

In a way, I am feeling more optimistic than I have in a long time… And again a sign.  At the moment I finished reading over what I wrote, the clock struck 11:11 am.  Can it get any better than that?

I am just now being reminded of the Wizard of Oz. Remember the end of the movie?  They had a long and challenging journey.  They traveled to Oz looking for a savior.  When they find him, they are at first disappointed by his meanness.

And then the curtain moves just enough for them to see through it.  He’s a fraud. – total disillusionment.

Once they see that he is not a wizard, they also see that their dream cannot come true.  But wait – that’s not the end of the story.  Yes, their savior is a fraud, but from the disillusionment, they come to know who they are and what they have done for themselves.  They get to look back and see that they already created for themselves what they desire – most of them anyway.

I think we already know that Oz is not the magic kingdom it was supposed to be.  And many of us have already given up on the wizard. But the curtain is still hiding a bunch of truth and we have yet to see what we’ve already created for ourselves!

Dorothy, we may not be in Kansas any longer, but we’re about to find out what Oz really is as well! Hold on to your hat – this is gonna be good!


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