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Election Day

Today, I am opting out of my right to participate in democracy.

Am I doing this out of protest? No.
Am I doing this out of frustration? No.
Am I doing this because I feel insignificant? No.

Today, instead of focusing on my right to vote, a ‘right’ given to me by the government of the United States of America, I am choosing to focus and appreciate the right given to me by the Universe.

Instead of telling the US Government what my preferences are, I am holding them dear and shining them forth.

Instead of feeling gratitude for democracy, a system that favors the majority over the individual, I am feeling gratitude for the Law of Attraction, which works equally well for every human, regardless of age, regardless of color, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of belief, regardless of residence – regardless.

The Universe has created the most perfect system that could ever have been created.  In every moment, each individual’s votes are tallied – vibrationally – and then the results are applied solely to them.  Those who choose hatred are free to attract hatred while those who choose acceptance are free to attract acceptance.

Governments can create laws telling me what they will permit me to do or not, but the Universe has final say.

The Government may tell me that they will not recognize my marriage to a man, but they will in no way impede the love that flows from me to another.

The Government may tax my income at a specific rate, but they will in no way impede my ability to feel wealthy and create wealth.

There is no man or woman who can work in the oval office who will change my ability to create the life experience that I desire.

I recognize my proficiency, and I recognize my struggle, and in no way are either of these related to what others think, what party they belong to, what laws are on the books, or the results of any election.

Manifestation is a universal right.  The Law of Attraction is a universal law. I have cast my requests to the universe, stated my preferences, held within my mind the possibility of these desires made manifest, allowed them to manifest in their own way and at their own time, and have received results – sometimes in hours, sometimes in days, and sometimes in years.  And I have done this enough times to KNOW that the universal laws and rights override those of religious belief and governmental law.

I have participated in experiences that are considered both illegal by my government and a sin by the dominant religions.  And yet, I have asked the universe for these experiences and have been given them. And within these experiences, I felt blessed, loved, cherished, honored, cared for, and acknowledged.

I recognize that the majority of Americans do not agree with me on many issues – and I recognize that I do not need them to.

Democracy is a governmental system that has advantages and has flaws.  And that is assuming that it is in full operation.  It is what it is and it neither upsets me nor brings me joy.

If I focus on what others are doing within that system, I can conjure up all sorts of emotional reactions, and then entangle myself within them.  And yet, none of this enables me to create from my universal point of power.

The fact is, no matter what you choose, I still have as much power today as I did yesterday.
No matter who is elected, I have as much capability today as I did yesterday.
No matter what laws are passed, I have as much freedom today as I did yesterday.
No matter how the markets respond, I have as much wealth today as I did yesterday.

My wellbeing is provided for, and freely given.  I can either accept it or not, and on every subject independently.

So you are free to view gay men and women as lesser citizens or not – and that will not change how I feel about myself.  You are free to legalize or not the use of specific plants, and that will not change my actions.  You are free to support or opposed the actions of the president of the United States and that will not change how I feel about this country.

And so, if you voted and you feel good about having done so, know that your point of power is in how you feel more than what you did.

If you did not vote, for whatever reason, fret not.  The universe knows of your preferences; the universe has counted your vote.  The entire universe is now conspiring with you to guide you into vibrational alignment with your desires so that you can experience your preferences manifested around you.

In a democracy, the majority chooses, and thus, in that view, you must either align with the majority or beg for their mercy and allowing.  Thank God this is not the way of the Universe.

I, on this day, am not asking for you to agree with me.  I am not asking for your vote.  I am not asking for your preferential treatment.  I am not asking for your alignment.

For today, I am in gratitude for a system that is far better than anything I could ever imagine.  It brings me great joy to know that I do not require a single vote to experience every nuance of every desire.  I need not manipulate, campaign, convince, or win over. I need only align with my own desires.  I need only recognize my own worthiness.  I need only exercise the power given to me as a piece of consciousness modeled after the infinite creator/creation.

Today, I seek to blame no one for the conditions of my life, and I seek to make no one responsible for improving them save me.  The world I wish to create around me is a glorious place and I need only seek it to find it.


6 thoughts on “Election Day”

  1. Thank you, David for the reminder! I chose to vote, while having a deep knowing that it doesn’t matter that much. Divine Law is all we need! You said it so eloquently!


  2. Beautifully said! Voting gives me a feeling of “togetherness”, which I find loving and comforting. Knowing that there are Universal laws in place that “preside” over us all relieves me of the responsibility of being absolutely certain I am making the right voting choices, Thank Goodness. So I can freely join together with my neighbors in voting.


  3. HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! I was consciously asking for a way to communicate and share my perspective about voting and why it doesn’t float my boat, and here it is!!

    This is beautiful, David. You said it all, my friend. 🙂


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