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The Brink?

Hello.  My name is David Tangredi and I have a problem. I am obsessed with numbers! I see numbers everywhere and I can’t turn them off!  LOL

I told myself this week that I would start weaning myself off of numbers. I know that many of you out there are not as enchanted by them as I am.  I said, “try to write every other blog without using numbers,” but I just can’t do it.  At least not yet.

So, you’ll just have to bear with me a bit longer… 🙂

But I will tell you this.  I am going to show you some numbers this week, but will not talk about them.  I just need to get them off of my chest so I can get to the next piece of guidance that’s coming through. OK?

  • The last blog was about Death (the card).  It is number 13.  And on that day I had 31 views. Interesting.
  • Today is 10/28/10. Numerologically, that’s the same as 10/10/10. Interesting.

Done. I can move on now. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Now on to the regularly scheduled program.

Two entries ago, I wrote this:

So if both love and fear attract, then one way to not attract is through indifference.

Well, as interesting as that is, it is not terribly easy to do.  I can’t do it.  When I think about the things I’m most wanting to leave my experience, I cannot remain indifferent.  I can’t listen to bigotry and hate and remain indifferent.  I can’t look at an experience I desire and become indifferent to the feelings of lack that they induce. I can’t sit in the middle of apathy and remain indifferent to the void and emptiness.

So, while it’s good to know what indifference does for us, it is hard to use as a tool of manifestation (or unmanifestation as the case may be).

In the previous blog entry, I discussed Death (the card), death (the concept), transformation, and transmutation. But I left something out of the discussion.

What I didn’t tell you was what others are talking about.  I didn’t tell you of the latest predictions for the coming weeks.  I didn’t tell you that some are seeing significant shifts just up ahead.

And I didn’t tell you this because I’m not yet sure what I’m getting on the subject.  Yes, I am seeing the Death card more often and yes, this does seem to indicate significant transformation ahead.  So in one way, I am seeing something that agrees with the predictions.

But what I am not seeing is the nature of that shift.  Or more accurately, what I am intuitively feeling does not match the vibration of their concerns.  So I am remaining neutral about the subject.

But I know that some of you know about this “chatter”.  And maybe some of you are curious or concerned about it.

So, in light of that, I asked my guides for information.  Asked them for guidance.  Asked them what I can write about that will be of help to everyone reading this.

And what they gave me was a tool for us to use.  It is a generic tool.  We can wield it at any time, in any situation, to transmute a vibration that is less desired into one that is more desire.

It is a mantra.  Three small words to say.  But the words alone aren’t the power.  We have to mean them.  We have to follow through with them.  We can state them, but then we must stand behind them.

And the three small words are this.

I opt out.

When you are watching the news and some politician says something ridiculous and infuriating – opt out.  Don’t buy into the vibration of hate and fear.

When you read an article about someone’s pain and suffering, pain and suffering that is close enough to your life or your fears that they spark your own – opt out.  Don’t go there.

Empathy is a powerful gift, but choose it when you can help others with it.  Don’t empathize with suffering that is on the other side of the planet unless you are up for transmuting the negative emotion into positive emotion.  That is how that gift works.  Empathy is a gift of transmutation.  By taking in those negative feelings, you are then able to transmute them inside of yourself.  You can then choose to emote a vibration more positive than the one you brought in. In this way, you are like a water filter, transforming ‘dirty’ water into ‘clean’ water.

But if you are not up for the task in any moment – opt out.  Just because you have the gift of empathy doesn’t mean you are supposed to use it at all times beyond your capabilities.

So, if the ‘predictors’ are onto something and if we are coming upon a significant shift, it doesn’t mean the Law of Attraction is going to stop working. It is not a fair weather law. It works no matter what.  You may be in the middle of an unusual storm, but it’s still in operation.  You may be stuck at the airport for a bit due to that storm, but it doesn’t mean your vibrational attraction is any less. You may be inconvenienced in some minor or not so minor way, but it doesn’t mean there are no solutions.

I will tell you this.  If I get anything specific about what’s ahead, I will pass it on.  If I get a message to prepare in any specific way, I will share that. But for now, this is all I get and not even in context of a big shift, but just life in general.

Opt out of any vibration that doesn’t feel good. ‘Thank you, but no thank you.’ ‘I’m sorry, but I am not interested in your cause.’  ‘You are welcome to do as you please, but sorry, I will not be joining you.’

Two thousand years ago, this same message was given in words appropriate for that time.  It was:

Turn the other cheek.

Now, in this age that we find ourselves in, the meaning is the same, it’s just the words that have changed.

Opt out.

Misery loves company.  If someone is inconvenienced or uncomfortable, they are going to pull on all of their strings.  The only thing worse than being down in the mud, is being the only one in the mud.

Don’t join them. Opt out of that vibration.  But that means you can’t fight them.  You can’t expend energy telling them the error of their ways.  You must use care to not get entangled in their web of attraction.  That’s sticky stuff.

Opting out means you allow them to have their mud, and you allow yourself to either walk away or stand there clean as a whistle.  You can love them. You can offer to help them. But if you get down in the mud to help them out of it, you’ll get yourself all dirty.  And then you’ll have to clean yourself up too.

The Death card has popped up, but you know what other card is coming up just as often? The Nine of Cups – the wish card! Shifts are shifts. They put us in new places.  They can shift us right up next to the experience we’ve been wanting for a long time. But in that moment, we’ll still need to choose that experience over another.

We want change.  We want a new experience of life. We want something different.  Well, in order for something to be different, something needs to change.

We may be on the brink of some significant changes, so opt in to what you desire, and opt out of everything else.


2 thoughts on “The Brink?”

  1. I really needed this today David! I frequently read your blog although it has been a while, I felt the pull today….so glad I followed!

    Thank you,


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