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Is Discernment More Important than Truth?

[Updated August 2021. Essay on Tarot: XVIII The Moon]

The Moon
The Moon

The counsel of the Moon card is this: when light (information) is low, employ your intuition more. Intuition can come in many forms, including all of the clair senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc.

Discernment is a process which benefits from applying ones intuition. Even if you are not actively listening to your intuition, discernment requires paying close attention to the more subtle forms of information. You don’t just listen to the more obvious interpretation of one’s words, but you look into their eyes, you watch their body language, and you pay attention to word choice and intonation. In other words, you read between the lines.

This post discusses some of this using a practical example (and current events in 2021).

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Last night, I started seeing the Dr. Fauci emails requested via the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). If you are interested in reading those emails, you can find them here:

The above brings you to a list of photos of the emails, which are not searchable. If you click the link in the right hand column, you can access and download the whole lot as a single pdf file, which is searchable.

In light of some of the emails I read, I felt a strong impulse to share them on social media as they validate other information I have shared in the past. Being controversial, I sought some inner guidance before jumping to any specific action. Actually, to be honest, I took some action, then sought guidance before taking more action.

Often, I seek inner guidance through my journal writing. What you see here is an excerpt from this morning:

One desire I have is to speak (and to write) freely. I know I have the right and the ability to convey my truth. I know I hesitate because I don’t want to receive the negative words and emotional responses I get from specific others, which don’t feel good. I also don’t want to piss people off or cause them fear. I really do want to uplift people.

At the moment, it feels like the lies need to be dispelled before any real forward progress can be made. But I could be seeing this completely wrong. Maybe truth is not the highest goal, but rather discernment and choice. If discernment and choice are the truer purpose, then lies and untruths (or lesser truths) are needed to provide the spectrum from which to choose. And if discernment and choice are the truest and highest goals, then it is for them to have. I cannot take this away from them (or do it for them), so why push them?

Referring to the topic in my last article: 3D, 4D, and 5D, those of us resonating strongly with 4D do feel compelled to get the truth out there. Within this role, we consider ourselves truth warriors. We see how others are being deceived and we think we know why. We certainly do not know the whole truth, but we are well aware of the lies. For me personally, I continue to compare and meld my logic, my human experience, and my intuition. I have had psychic hits from many years ago validated in the last 15 months. All of the pieces are coming together. The picture is becoming quite clear.

But now I am seeing this situation from a slightly different place. I still desire the truth to come out, whatever it is. I am ready, willing, and able to accept being wrong about a lot of things. I don’t care how wrong I end up being, I still want verifiable facts to show us what is actually true, at least regarding the mundane.

But I am also recognizing now that, more than ever, the purpose is the choosing. I have written about this repeatedly over the years. I have always encouraged others to develop their own intuition, to listen to their gut, and to question what others say, including me. Open minded skepticism is ideal.

As a Gemini, I can clearly see and separate the left and right brain (so to speak). Science is a tool of 3D. Its approach can demonstrate what is true (observable, repeatable, and reliable) and what isn’t. Metaphysics and spirituality, on the other hand, is not meant to be provable. It is supposed to be personal. It is supposed to have a high degree of uncertainty within it. It is of a very different realm.

Faith, trust, belief, and imagination are all a part of that other side. That side is just as important, but is different.

Since I continue to have a foot in each side—since I continue to feel compelled to call out the lies, I will probably continue to do so. But I will also continue to strive for that sweet spot, in between, at the center of the Wheel of Fortune.

Light-workers (healers) experience a strong calling. It can create a bit of a savior-complex. Yes, we want to help everyone…or anyone we can reach. We want to protect others from hurt and harm. Naturally, if we see others being poisoned, we want to do something about it. Outright and deliberate lies are poison, most especially when they lead you to other forms of harm, for example taking an experimental treatment never before used on humans.

If you are not ready or able to accept the truth as it is coming out, then you are where you are. And for the time being, the conflict among all of us will continue. Those of us who feel we know the truth will continue to speak it, even when we are attacked for it.

And, as often as I can, I do step out of 4D and into 5D. I remind myself that each and every one of us is loved and guided. Each of us is here for a different reason. Our earthy life is a small fraction of our total existence. It is all working out. The Perfection of the Universe is and always will be. And there is so much to love and appreciate, right here, right now. There is so much beauty, and the choice to see it is always available.


1 thought on “Is Discernment More Important than Truth?”

  1. I too am wrestling with “the truth”. Thank you for your input, it was synchronicity in action.

    Today I wrote to a friend….”I believe in honesty, truth and the rule of law. If we do not base our lives on those principals, we do not have a civil society.”

    The article on 3D, 4D, and 5D was much appreciated too – it was personal eye opener! 4D explained what a strong “Uranian” chart signature was in a different language. Thank you!


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