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The Star Tarot – Cathy McClelland

The 5 of Wands requires participation. The point of the physical realm is action and interaction: choice…choosing. Wanting and desiring are great, but you must be willing to journey. The 5 of Wands in the past shows that you have been willing. You are willing to step forward even if it means you might stumble and fall (a few times, even).

The 8 of Wands is the lightning response of the Universe. Manifestation, rendezvous, receiving, and experience can be had in an instant. When you ask (and are willing to journey) you WILL receive…and faster than you ever imagined. You are not waiting for the Universe to respond, reply, or answer. The Universe is waiting for you: your participation, your intention, your willingness. Give it that, and boom!

The combination of the 5 of Wands and the 8 of Wands is the alchemical creating as represented by the Magician. The Magician knows that he is the connection between (his experience of) heaven and earth. Both heaven and earth are inside of him. So his part is to let it out. And he fully understands that this is a process. Letting out is letting go, which is not something we (as humans) do well. What do we do well? Learn! Expand! Evolve! Improve!


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