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3D, 4D, and 5D

Many within the metaphysical community believe that the earth is in the process of moving from 3D to 5D. It is passing through 4D en route. A week or so ago, I found myself discussing this with a friend and what came through had a clarity that was beyond my understanding at the time.

The D in the above stands for Dimension. If you are familiar with my books or the Law of One, there is a different but analogous perspective used. There, the earth and us are moving from Third Density to Fourth Density. Just to be confusing, Third Density = 3D, but Fourth Density = 5D.

Those who believe we are moving from 3D to 5D believe we are already well within the transition. That means 3D, 4D, and a part of 5D are already accessible here and now. They are blended. We won’t necessarily experience all three at the same instant, but we can at any time move our focus from one to another.

Below is how I see 3D, 4D, and 5D.


3D is simply life as we’ve known it for a long time. It is the physical realm, which is challenging but also rewarding. It is sensual, meaning primarily experience through our 5 senses.

One clear aspect of 3D is it is a realm of full freedom. Each is free to act fully from light/love or fully from darkness (aka shadow or a blocking of light/love). Because the full spectrum is allowed and permitted, we can see amazing beauty and utter horror here.

What is more relatable regarding 3D is the vast range of emotion we feel. In 3D we can feel strong anger, horror, panic, despair, or deep depression, but also love, joy, appreciation, and even moments of bliss and ecstasy.

For sake of discussion, think of 3D as what life was like in the 70s and before.


In my mind, 4D is all about truth (with a little ‘t’).

Back in the 70s, things were what they were. We didn’t question every tidbit of news. We didn’t focus so much on what we ate. We operated within belief systems that were not changing that much.

Nowadays, we don’t know what to believe anymore. We cannot trust what we hear or read or see on a screen. We are bombarded with information, yet we are in the middle of an information war and can’t trust any of it. Within any subject, there are those who believe one thing and those who believe the exact opposite. The positions are held rigidly and the arguing is frequent. Friendships have even ended due to this divide.

Those people who profoundly desire truth are what I consider rooted within 4D. They want to know what is true and what is not. They feel compelled to convey what they think is true and argue against what they think is a lie. The more strongly you feel this, the more rooted within 4D you are.

3D vs 4D

In 3D, a person is more focused on making it through the day. They just want to get their work done so they can enjoy their time off. Many in 3D are not feeling a strong desire to be somewhere else. They want things to get back to normal. They want things to go back to the way they were. They enjoyed the life they had, for the most part.

Some within 3D have been struggling for a while. They don’t necessarily want things to go back to the way they were, because that wasn’t that great either, but they are too preoccupied with trying to figure out the details of their own life to worry about these concepts flying around that others are arguing about tooth and nail.

Those in 4D feel as if they are on a mission. They feel strong discomfort with what is going on, yet at the same time, they are energized with purpose. Strong frustration is associated with this realm because the change is not happening fast enough. They often feel that it is taking far too long for things to be sorted out.

Those in 4D are seeking and searching for new information and it feels like an addiction at times.

Now some in 4D feel as if we are headed into something really bad and they are fighting against that vehemently. Others within 4D are seeing really good times ahead, but see the road to those good times as being rough for a while. In either case, most are pushing and fighting and campaigning.

Now I do think there is another set of people resonating with 4D, but who are not focused on information. These are those who are having trouble sleeping at night. They feel unsettled. They are struggling with anxiety even if they are not worried about anything specific. Maybe they are decidedly staying away from the arguments, yet they don’t feel calm and centered either. Trepidation is common here and this is simply because within 4D they viscerally feel the changes happening. 4D is innately unstable because it is only transitional.

Third Density equals 3D. This is a long standing and relatively stable realm. Fourth Density (5D) will also be stable and last eons of time. 4D is the narrow band of vibration that sits in between the two larger realms of vibration, and we can feel this if we are paying attention.


In my books, I coined the phrase The Perfection of the Universe. This is a perspective of reality where everything, exactly the way it is, is serving a profound purpose, and is thus perfect from that perspective. It does not mean things are they way they are supposed to be. It doesn’t mean that are meant to stay the same. It doesn’t even mean that are great or even good.

Let’s say, by way of an example, that you have a problem of some kind. It can be health related; it can be within a relationship; it can be financial. Whatever the problem is, it has your attention. You have a strong desire to fix or solve the problem, but you don’t know what to do. Maybe the problem is new; maybe it has been around for a long time. So far, what we are seeing here is the 3D aspect of the situation.

At 5D (within The Perfection of the Universe perspective) the problem is perfect. It is perfect because it has purpose. It has your attention. It is creating within you a desire (for something better). It is thus inspiring something new.

All of the specific details within that issue are perfect because they are specifically tuned to your thoughts and vibration.

Consider how some people have very specific relationship challenges that they experience over and over, either with different partners over time, or with the same partner intermittently. Then there are others who never encounter those same problems, but have very different ones of their own.

In my opinion, nothing is random. The types of challenges we each face is personal and purposeful for us individually. That’s the perfection of them.

The 5D perspective does and can pertain to seeing this perfection. One doesn’t gloss over issues or challenges; instead they see them with more clarity. The pain may still be present, but there is also a little bit of excitement or anticipation because of the purpose that is also seen. In other words, from 5D, we can simultaneously see the issue and see the abundant relief that exists in the ‘future’ when the issue is solved.

This aspect of 5D is seeing the past, present, and future altogether. It is seeing the full journey. There is less fear because solutions are always seen, even if the path to them is fuzzy.

Another aspect of 5D, which is only slightly different than the above, is when the present is the primary focus.

Recently, I have been tapping into profound moments of presence. Often, I am sitting outside and relaxing—watching the sun rise or set. Suddenly, I see a beauty in the sky that is unlike anything I’ve seen before. I have tried to take pictures of it, but the camera cannot capture what I am seeing. There is just something about the light, and the clouds. Or maybe it is a flower or a bird. Maybe it is the way a butterfly or a bat flutters by. Maybe it is just a feeling of deep satisfaction in that moment.

Because I am only tapping into 5D, I feel a desire to capture the moment and to share it with others as if to prove that it really happened. It, for that instant, feels almost too good to be true.

I would not describe the feeling as fearful (of losing the moment) or frustrating (at the inability to photograph it). What I would say is that it feels like a vibration that is just a bit too high to sustain. It is ungrounding, and yet it is also peaceful.

In those (increasingly frequent) moments of 5D, I feel confidence that we are truly moving toward something grand. Problems are noticeably absent within these experiences. They mostly don’t come to mind, but even if they do, they just don’t seem to matter.


For many years, I have felt as if I and many others have been straddling 3D and something else. I simply called it “the other side.” I knew that when I was more in 3D, I fretted more; I struggled more; I was more aware of my problems and issues; I felt resigned to that position. And then, for days at a time, I was on the other side where I felt great! I felt abundant optimism, creativity, and vitality. I would suddenly feel stronger in my body. Often I would be inspired to write when in that place. I still expected it not to last, and so I tried to bolster the feeling and milk it for all I could get from it.

These days, my 5D moments are much more relaxed. I can savor them without trying to hold on to them as much. I don’t fear them going away because they are happening much more regularly: daily even.

What’s Coming

In my opinion, 3D and 5D are moving away from each other; they are getting further and further apart. We are not going to be able to keep straddling the two for much longer.

When we are fully into the realm of 5D, truth will no longer be an issue. Our discernment, our intuition, our telepathy will be so much greater, we will know when someone is lying right then and there. It will be an inner knowing.

In 3D, truth predominantly comes from the outside. As with science, if it is true, it is reproducible. We are not supposed to ‘trust’ science, we are supposed to let science demonstrate what is true.

In 5D, we will know what is true and that knowing will be validated from inside. We will feel it. We will discern it. We will trust ourselves. We won’t know everything—not even close. When we want to know more, we will ask, then allow, then align, and then come to know. The better we allow and align, the more quickly we’ll move from asking to knowing.

To me, 4D feels like a necessary transition phase. In 5D truth comes from within. In 3D, we can be deceived. We can be lied to. In 5D, we’ll be too telepathic and intuitive to be deceived for long. So here and now, we are being forced to ramp up our intuition and discernment. The more we rely on others (e.g., authority figures) to tell us what is true, the more we can be manipulated. We cannot move fully into 5D relying on external validation.

Reality, right now, is beseeching us to look inside. Nothing out there can be trusted. For each source that makes one claim, there is another that makes the opposite, even when both parties are masters within the same field.

There is too much happening that doesn’t add up. So many people will tell us their truth, but we must find our own. We must continually look inside and feel our way forward. We have to take full responsibility for our own beliefs.

I mentioned that in 3D, there is full freedom. 5D will not be less free than 3D, but the freedom will be expressed differently. One will simply not choose to lie because lying won’t work any longer. One will not be able to manipulate, deceive, or control others, but won’t need to either. There will be much less need for hierarchies because individuals won’t need systems to provide for them. Each will have a greater ability to manifest (truth and possessions) for themselves. In 5D, everyone will be more in tune with their own purpose, which will naturally be to serve others in some way. Little (if anything) will be based on need but rather fulfillment of that purpose. And, of course, the dominant vibration will be love!

Because 4D sits between the other two, we cannot get away with denying what is going on. 4D is all about truth, so we have to be truthful with ourselves as much as possible.

If we are fearful, we must accept the fear and the thoughts we have that create the fear. We must accept responsibility for our fear. We can’t try to push it away because that just brings it on stronger.

If we have doubt, that’s OK too. If we are really being honest with ourselves, then we are letting ourselves move into 4D more and more. Truth with a little ‘t’ is our truth. It doesn’t have to be someone else’s.

When we adopt another’s perspective, we must acknowledge that we are choosing to do that. Blame cannot exist in 5D, so we have to let that go in this 4D transition.

4D is a higher vibration than 3D, which means it contains more energy. It is thus motivating and energizing. It may bring anger or frustration because, anger and frustration are far more powerful then apathy, depression, or fear.

Some are clinging to 5D conceptually without allowing themselves to move through 4D. In other words, they are denying the changes going on and just want everyone to get along. There is a bit of pollyanna here, which is a denying of truth to avoid pain. This can work for a short term, but I do not think it works in the long term.

3D had strong purpose for each of us. We would not be here otherwise. So, to fully set it aside, we have to acknowledge its role. It is like this: to fully heal from a painful experience, we have to accept that the experience happened. We cannot deny it and heal it at the same time.

Different people are more resonate with the different vibrations, but this should not be judged. We should rather look at these like grade levels. 8th grade is not better than or worse then 4th grade. Most nine-year-olds will not do well in 8th grade. They are not ready for it. And most teenagers would hate being in 4th grade again. Each grade serves those who are there.

It is best now to accept where you are, and focus on what you desire for yourself. Ask for what you want, then listen for the guidance that comes. The Universe is not going to force you into a place that won’t work for you. Yes, the transition we face can be a challenge for each of us, but we chose to be here during this time for a reason. Best to accept that and ease our way forward as best we can.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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