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The Three Universes

In my opinion, we don’t live in one universe; we live in three!

Before I begin, I want to reiterate something I say on occasion. When I write posts like this, I am not telling you what is true in an absolute sense. I am sharing a perspective with the hope of inspiring thoughts within you that may be helpful. If you resonate with my perspective, that can serve you in one way: by expanding the options available to you perhaps. If you disagree with my perspective, that could help you in another way, to solidify your own thoughts maybe making them more stable, secure, functional, and productive. In either case, I often am writing about messages I received, which were for me first and foremost.

Onward ho!


The first universe is what I will call IRL (In Real Life). This is the physical universe. This is the realm you experience with your five senses. You are likely sitting on a chair and perhaps at a table or desk. If someone is in the room with you, then you each could agree that the chair and table exist. There is consensus in this realm.

For arguments’ sake, the IRL universe is only the one you can actually see, feel, and hear around you right now. It does not include other places or times. Paris, for example, may be a part of someone else’s IRL experience right now, but unless and until you are there, it is not a part of yours.

Just for the fun of it, take a moment to consider what is right in front of you. Look at the objects. Listen to the sounds. Smell the aromas. And touch what is within reach. We say that this is what is real, so just take it all in.

Your Inner Reality

This next universe is better referred to as a realm. It is your inner realm, the one that is absolutely unique to you. It is your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your impressions, your hopes, your fears, your intuition, and your spirituality, including your religion. It is also your dreams, your view of yourself, your opinion of others, and your preferences.

Your inner reality is not physical. You may be reacting to it in some physical ways, a tightness in your chest perhaps, but it itself is not a thing. You can convey your thoughts and feelings to others; you can explain your beliefs and try to sway those of others; and you can begin to show someone what is inside of your inner reality; but all of that only approximates what is actually in there.

One’s inner reality is, in some ways, more significant than their outer reality. By significant, I mean affecting. Of course this differs by person. Some personality types take in the data from the outside world and don’t really question it much. Others have a rich and robust inner world, often one that they never share with others. Those personality types can have a very different experience inside than what others think they should be having based on external circumstances.

The reason to separate these two realities is because they are, in fact, quite different. We cannot very easily change the external reality. If I want my table or chair or house or body to change, it takes effort, and work, and action (at least in theory).

However, my inner world is more fluid. I can focus my thoughts in all different directions. I can image places I am not presently. I can wish for and appreciate things that I don’t yet have. I can be afraid of things I cannot see, or I can trust in things I don’t see.


The third universe I wish to categorize is the virtual reality, which is primarily digital. This is everything we see through a screen and/or hear through a speaker.

This reality looks like the first universe, but is actually much more similar to the second.

If you and I are on a Zoom call, you can see my room as if you were in it. Yet you are not. You may be able to see a part of it, but you can’t take it all in the way I can. You cannot smell the aroma of my candle or the lingering of the meal I last cooked. You cannot feel the warmth or the humidity in the air (even if you can discern what they might be). The colors don’t quite match. For example, pictures of the moon or sunset never quite look the same as reality!

When you are taking in data through a screen, you cannot be sure what you are witnessing is real (as in: of the first universe). For example, we often watch movies that take place in space or other imagined locations. Computer generated imagery (CGI) is so advanced, people can paint quite convincing environments for you to visit virtually.

Even if what you are seeing is a part of someone else’s IRL, it is not a part of yours! It is, at best, a vicarious experience.

The digital realm has grown in prominence over the years. We spend more time in front of screens than ever. As a result, we are making the digital universe more like the first realm and less like the second. This can be fun, for example when watching a movie or Facetiming a friend who is many miles away, but I do think we are also forgetting the important differences between this realm and the other two.

The first realm is a collective creation where we have limited control. The second realm is completely our own, and thus is a place where we have absolute control (unless we are inhibited in some physical way, which is a different story). It may take some practice to train our focus, but it can be done and with astonishing results! The third realm is neither of these. It is collective, but we have much more control over it than we think. We can, for example, turn off and put down our devices whenever we choose!

2020 has pushed us further into the 3rd realm. Some have gone willingly and others are resisting. That’s a personal choice. The point I am conveying is to keep in mind that these three universes are, in fact, different…and always will be.

Consensus is what happens in the first realm. It may not be 100%, but it is common.

The second realm, being absolutely unique for each of us, will never be a place of agreement. No two humans have the same complete belief system. We can argue about this belief or that idea, but to expect consensus is not helpful. The second realm is not meant for that. It has a very different purpose.

The third realm? Well, as much as possible, I recommend taking care to never confuse this realm with the other two. Make the digital world what you want it to be. Choose how much of it you want, but be the master of it rather than the other way around.

Your first two realms should always be the greater influences. The third realm affects our second realm too easily and too much, so we do need to manage it.

Last night, I wandered out after sunset, hoping to see the full moon as it rose. There were clouds on the horizon, but I was able to see the moon in between them.

Scorpio Full Moon rising on 4/26/2021

And the sunset lit the clouds to the west beautifully.

Sunset on 4/26/2021 in Austin, TX

This IRL experience was wonderful and the kind of experience I relish often!

After I returned home, I sensed all sorts of energy. I had a hard time relaxing, which is unusual for that time of the day. My mind was fitful and I felt a bit of apprehension, even if I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I knew, from looking at charts, that the Full Moon was hitting my birth chart in significant ways. I suspected that had something to do with how I was feeling. There are also other concepts that I had been pondering that likely penetrated my inner universe. Not surprisingly, I then had rather odd and fitful dreams later.

My IRL experience and my inner experience were quite different and often are. But I do know this: the more one challenges me, the more I can lean on the other.

If I wanted, I could scour the internet for data regarding either of the above. I could watch videos produced by other Astrologers, Psychics or Inuitives to garner their opinions. And I do plenty of that, be it for information, entertainment, or just to pass the time.

I know I sometimes let the digital world in a bit too much…and more so in the past 15 months, but I still know the difference and am getting better at keeping this 3rd realm from overly influencing my first two.

As a consistent reminder, my Cali-girl is, at this very moment, on my desk and keeps walking in front of my computer screen. I think she is a part of my first universe, which intends to keep me present as much as possible. Often, I set my screen or device to the side and give her the attention she desires in that moment! After all, she brings me more joy than anything in the 3rd realm!

My sweet, beautiful Cali-girl!


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