Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.

– Maggie Kuhn

I have a feeling that the world is in for a dramatic collective opening of the 5th chakra.

We all know how a slingshot works—also a bow and arrow. The further you pull it back, the more eruptive the projectile is accelerated forward.

Keep in mind that, at times, silence may be what is emitted from one with a fully empowered 5th chakra. It is not in the words spoken that power lies, but in the knowing of one’s right and ability to speak one’s truth.

I recently happened upon this YouTube video, which I meditate with intermittently. I tried the other chakras as well, but this is the one that continues to resonate with me.

When I was looking for Maggie Kuhn’s quote, I happened upon this page which is filled with other quotes on the subject:

I have been getting this intuitive hit for a couple of weeks now. We’ll have to see if I’m onto something and how it plays out…

[The photo at the top was taken this morning: Saturday, 4/24/2021.]


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