Channeled Message, Poetic Wisdom

A Fool’s Inclination

[Updated July 2021. Essay on Tarot: The Fool]


The Fool is the most unique card in the deck. As card zero, it exists outside of numerology. The Fool can represent us at any point along the journey, but the Fool also teaches by example, living life in the moment and without fear.

Since the Fool is so unique, what better way to describe it than a poem!

∆       ▲       ∆

A Fool’s Inclination
A Fool’s Aspiration
A Fool’s Intuition
A Fool’s Inspiration

The Journey of the Fool is always from where you are,
to where you want to be.
What better way to live,
than fanciful and carefree?

The Fool is wise, yet curious,
adventurous, yet aware.
The Fool is ever journeying,
but never knowing where.

The present is his focus;
fulfillment his proclivity;
exploration his notion;
adventure his activity.

Along the way, he takes notice,
and offers his perception.
Advice he is not likely to give,
but on a whim, suggestion.

He knows that where you are and what you desire
are certainly unique;
so from the outside looking in,
who is he to critique?

His inklings are many,
as he stops along the way,
but he only speaks of the moment
for tomorrow is another day.

He knows worry sees not the present,
but only the future and the past.
And by bringing focus to the now,
those fears will never last.

His disposition is pleasant
and he’s always by your side.
Won’t you offer him a moment,
and accept him as your guide?

The Fool’s wisdom is not complex,
as any mystic knows,
for on his journey there are no rules
just take it as it goes.


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