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This Much is True

[Updated July 2021. Essay on Tarot: XIX The Sun]

In Astrology, the sun represents our personality. It is how we, generally speaking, shine our light on a daily basis.

In the Tarot, cards XIX – The Sun is more or less the opposite. The operative word for this card is basking…as in basking in the sun. The Tarot card highlights receiving. In every day, whether we can see it or not, the sun rises above the horizon and shines its light upon us. when the weather is nice, we can sit in the sun and soak in its rays. Some times, we do this naturally simply because we recognize the beauty around us. Sometime, it take a bit of focus.

The following is this post as I originally wrote it. It is a channeled message. As you read it, keep the Sun in mind.

∆       ▲       ∆

This much is true, for every soul, in every moment of time:

Each and every one of you, in this very moment, are, at least in part, inside of an experience that you desired. You are therefore inside of a manifestation you have asked for.

If, here and now, you doubt what we say…if you find yourself saying, “…yeah, but…” if it feels like you are not receiving what you are asking for, allow us to convince you. Now we are not particularly fond of the idea of trying to convince anyone of anything. Truthfully, it is not our desire nor our intention to change your mind. Our desire, our intention is simply to bask within the vibrancy of our knowing here and now.

We know this much is true:

You are receiving some of what you have asked for.

In specific terms, scan the aspects of your life. Identify those conditions that are specifically what you at one time asked for. Are you living inside of a building that to some degree matches your (past or present) desires? Are you not fed and clothed regularly? Are there not beasts and beings around you that you love and possibly even adore and cherish?

Are you experiencing some form of stability you once asked for? Even if your finances are not what you would call abundant, are they stable and secure? Do you have enough to live on for today? This week? This month? Maybe even this year?

Do you have clarity within at least one subject? Even if you are not inside of the relationship, the home, or the job/career that you ultimately desire, do you now have enough clarity to say what you desire from here?

One of the…most…productive exercises one could practice is to ask of themselves and then answer this question:

In light of this condition, what do I want from here?

Assume that you can keep whatever you favor, let go of whatever troubles you, and then add into the mix whatever you want. Do not think in terms of trade-offs. Do not think in term of earning, deserving, or even paying for. Just look at anything in your life. Know that it contains within it something you asked for. Know it is at the moment a match to you, in your current form. And know that it can evolved into something better.

We know this much to be true:

Every moment of life not only contains aspects you desire, which you specifically asked for, but also contains contrast.

In your moments of ecstasy, you are solely focused on and basking within those aspects you desire. In your moments of pain and suffering, you are acutely focused on the contrast, which may seem like loss, or hopelessness, or terror, or may have manifested as physical pain or dis-ease.

Regardless of your specific focus in any moment, we hold true to our knowing. There is never a moment of time and place where there is not some aspect of receiving that which was asked for.

We can prove the above statement through the following, as we also know this much to be true:

Before the moment of your birth, each and every one of you, with no exception, desired to be alive: to be human, to be embodied, to be present within a human body in this time-space reality.

If you adopt a practice of focus similar to ours, you will transform your life experience. You will notice, in each day, in each place, in each moment of time, more of what you desire, which you asked for in the past. You will recognize, more accurately that you are asking; you are receiving; you are manifesting. You are a powerful creator and you will see that more and more.

You will also, in each moment, accept the contrast with more grace. You will better understand its value. You will see that life is meant to follow this pattern:

You desire. You ask for more or better. You receive. In receiving what you desire, you also receive contrast. Within each moment of achievement is born new, more refined, or more defined desires.

A single man will desire a lover. By aligning with his desire, he will rendezvous with a man or a woman. In those early moments, his appreciation, his love, his passion will flow freely. The contrast is there, even if he notices it not. But he will come to notice it. And out of that contrast will be born new desires, desires he must align with in order to realize.

You are where you are. Here and now, there are aspects of your life that you once desired and thus asked for. You likely still cherish some of these circumstances. Others you may no longer desire for yourself. In either case, you are also surrounded by contrast. Along with all of what you wanted came things you don’t like so much.

You are, in every moment, free to focus on the one or the other. You can see with eyes of appreciation and cherish those aspects you enjoy, or you can focus on the problems and thus feel some form of negative emotion. You will never not want something more or different. Don’t just accept that, love that! It is what being empowered is all about!

In the science of physics, power is defined thusly []

Power is the rate at which work is done or the rate at which energy is transferred from one place to another or transformed from one type to another.

When you are loving or appreciating someone or something, you are expressing an emotion; you are transferring energy. The more empowered you are, the greater the rate of that work. The empowered expresses a larger amount of love in a shorter amount of time, which is felt as a stronger passion, bliss, and ecstasy.

When one achieves a manifestation by either receiving an experience that was desired or by accomplishing an action he or she set out to do, that person is transforming reality in some way. One who is more empowered transforms more of this reality in a shorter amount of time. This could be accomplishing tasks more easily, more effortlessly, and more quickly. It could be realized as earning or receiving more money within less time (and therefore with less effort or action). It could manifest as rendezvousing with desired experiences sooner meaning less time transpires between asking and receiving.

Power measures the rate of change. Change is always happening. Through empowerment, one is simply allowing a greater amount of change, which entails aligning with the changes that are desired and harmonizing with the changes that are contrasting.


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