Alignment, Law of Attraction, Manifestation

You can be, do, or have…Anything

Contrast inspires expansion. It is how all things are created.

I share these blog posts on my professional Instagram page. In response to the last one (How do I get what I want with or from someone else?) I received this comment:

“You can’t. You can only align yourself. When you start to add other people into your manifestations you impede on their free will.”

Written words can fall short in conveying ideas. I can’t say for sure what her thoughts are beyond what she wrote. Nonetheless, I disagree.

Abraham tells us often: “if this time space reality can inspire a desire within you, it can fulfill that desire.” “You can be, do, or have anything you desire.”

There is only a law of Attraction. It applies to everyone. It is therefore not possibly to impede on anyone’s free will. Each creates and attracts his or her own manifestations.

Her middle sentence, however, is key. To achieve any manifestion, one must align with one’s self, one’s inner being, one’s higher self, one’s true desire.

Everyone has desires that include others. No exceptions. This is natural. This is good!

And yet, there does seem to be a paradox. If you and I are free, how can I get what I desire, which includes you, simply by aligning with myself?

The solution to this is what I call The Perfection of the Universe.

Do you think you came to your desire in a vacuum? The Law of Attraction applies to all time and space. You could not have come to your desire if it were not possible!

Specific thoughts are manifestations. When you think, “I want this,” you are already well into the manifestation. The earliest phases of your desires are pure vibration, which can be felt. By the time you have thoughts focused on an object of affection, you have already traveled some (most) of the journey. The Universe led you that far! Keep going!

1. Keep aligning with yourself / with your desires.

2. Don’t worry about a thing.

3. If you’re worried, go back to step one!

That’s all it takes!


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