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How do I get what I want with or from someone else?

As soon as there is another person involved, many of us consider manifestations more difficult to achieve. “I can line up with what I desire,” you might say, “but how do I get my husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/boss to see it the same way or comply?”

The Journey of the Fool is from where you are to where you want to be. The source and the destination(s) are linked. Solutions are linked to the problems they solve. Answers are linked to the questions they answer. Experiences that fulfill desires are linked to the longing that calls them forth.

A problem and a solution are linked and connected, but also separated. They are two ends of the same stick, but exist at different vibrations. The journey between the two must transcend the vibrational gap, and this may take traveling through time or over distance (in our time-space reality).

Relationships, at any point in time, do one of two things: they fulfill desires within us—or—they fuel new or expanding desires. They don’t do both at the same moment in time even if they vacillate between the two.

Your emotions, in the moment, tell you which is happening. For example, when your significant other whispers sweet nothings into your ear, which tickles you into feeling loved, appreciated, or adored, then in that moment, s/he has brought to you an experience, which fulfilled your desire. You created that moment. You manifested that experience for yourself. You aligned with it and let it in. Your partner was the vehicle through which it was delivered.

Days later, that same partner may fail to meet an expectation. They might inadvertently push one of your buttons. In that moment, you may feel a lack of appreciation, taken for granted, frustrated, angry, or worse. Maybe you recognize that it wasn’t intended. And maybe the first impulse is to talk with him or her about it. “If I tell them how what they did or didn’t do hurt me, then it won’t happen again. Surely, if they love me, they’ll fix it.”

Yet doing this too soon can make things worse. If you’re still on the end called “hurt”, you might put them on the end called “defensive.” If you’re on the end called “insecure” then they might accommodate your insecurities, but that will not help you heal them. Their accommodations will remind you of your insecurities, which is not what will help.

This same reasoning applies to all other relationships including professional ones. If your boss, colleague, or subordinate failed to perform in a way you hoped for, then during that time, this relationship inspired (or further stoked) a desire you have. To ask that very same relationship to satisfy that desire right away will not work simply because there is a vibrational gap that must be transcended (by you). Even the best of us do not transcend these gaps immediately. We are not meant to. Life would be very short indeed if we could simply jump to where we wanted to be instantaneously.

You can have fulfillment within your existing relationships. They can all evolve into something better…even something you specifically desire. But this cannot be forced because the very actions, which attempt to manipulate a relationship into place, come from vibrational misalignment.

Often, we know too much about the people involved. We have come to expect particular shortcomings from particular people. So to attempt to align with a desire while holding that specific person in mind can actually hold you back needlessly.

Let’s say you work for a man who has disappointed you a number of times. He chose less capable people over you. He failed to acknowledge your skill or reward your achievements. Since you have these historic events in your mind, it is harder to align with your desire (to be recognized and rewarded) from this particular man. So, as you do the work to let in more of what you desire, keep your boss out of the picture for a while. Look for places where others recognize and reward you. Feel the appreciation where it is coming from first. Cultivate what is working well.

The more you convince yourself that you are being appreciated by some, the more you’ll see that you are worthy of appreciation and the more your vibration will align with it. Soon, either your existing boss will fall in line, or someone else will essentially replace him. You might receive an offer from a different group or company or be inspired to move on to something better.

In romantic relationships, we often do not want to start over with someone else. We really want our current partner to step up in some way. And yet, we still have to do the alignment work on our own. As Abraham often says: “It is law.”

So, as much as you can, let your partner off the hook for a while. If you need to vent or discuss your situation, do it with others. There are many techniques that can help you align with what you desire specifically with your significant other. For example, you can, every day, recount experiences that you appreciate. You might want to start with general experiences, things that come to mind easily. Work your way toward your partner, but don’t push it. If you’re hurt or angry at him or her, stay off that subject until you feel neutral or positive again.

Negative emotions are not bad. In fact, the worse our negative feelings are, the more significant they are. They indicate that what is happening (or not happening) is very much the opposite of what is desired. Your desire is being fueled by the contrast. That means the fulfillment of that desire will taste even sweeter, once you transcend the gap.

Negative emotions are not bad, but taking action from/within them takes us further away from what we desire.

In all areas of life, when something inspires negative feelings (e.g. frustration, hurt, anger), that experience is stoking a desire. That very subject can someday fulfill the desire, just not right now. So don’t ask it to. You can often reach the fulfillment of a desire much quicker by looking elsewhere (in your mind, in daydreams and fantasies). When you can imagine receiving what you desire, when you can feel the sweetness of that experience, you are there. If you can maintain that vibration, it must come into your life from somewhere soon.


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