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[Update 7/19/20210]

These years, thanks to Google Maps and smart phones, we almost always know where we are (on the globe). But how often do we get lost within our spiritual journeys?

For someone who stays home a lot, I’ve been on quite a journey. I moved into this house three and a half years ago; it feels like days. I can hardly remember what it was like in my previous place, which I lived in for five and a half years. I think that is because the last place was not a home the way this house is.

That latter part of 2013 was challenging, possibly beyond any other season here in Austin. By the onset of 2014, I asked for big changes. When you ask for anything, a journey begins. For the most part, the Universe allows us our own pace, but sometimes it forces us along. Interestingly, I will be the last person to live in this structure. In about six weeks, it will become a pile of rubble.

Austin, TX is changing more rapidly than anything I’ve ever witnessed. Some people move to the big city, but for many of us Austinites, the big city moved to us. Over the past few weeks, I’ve toured building after building in my general area that didn’t exist 3 years ago. In fact, many of them don’t show up on Google Earth yet!

The Universe basically called me on my request. “You want change,” It said, “then change.” It became clear that I am not simply moving from one address to another; I am moving into a new lifestyle. The Universe didn’t dictate which direction I would go in, It merely said, “You cannot stay here.”


Many choices presented themselves. I could move towards urban life or away from it. The mix that I currently have just comes as too high of a price here now. Try as I might, I could not duplicate it. I have to give up nearly half of the things I like.

The Hanged Man tells us, “Give up to gain.” By letting go of something we have, we gain the ability to acquire something we want. It looks like a trade-off, but only until we see with new eyes. [The image to the right is a scene from Journey to the Temple of Ra.]

Finding a place has been the bigger journey. Preparing to move (and downsize) is the next journey. Actually moving and getting settled in is the journey after that.

Interestingly, this matches a Mercury cycle and nearly coincides in time:

  • While Mercury moved forward through Taurus and early Gemini, I wore down the pavement looking at one place and another. It is not finalized just yet, but I have made my selection.
  • Monday (5/18/2015) Mercury stations retrograde. For three weeks and three days, Mercury will retrace his steps. During that time, I will be cleaning, clearing, selling, and giving stuff away. (I’ve already started.)
  • I have been told that my apartment will be ready for move in the very day Mercury stations direct (6/11/2015).

On June 11th, Mercury will be in the same place he was on May 4th. Then on June 26th he will enter new territory (passing where he stationed retrograde). That’s the full Mercury cycle this time around.

Although the sun will travel from Taurus to Cancer during this complete cycle, Mercury will remain in his ruling sign of Gemini the whole time. As a man born in Gemini, it thus occurs in my first house (via my sun-sign chart).

The first house is all about one’s view of oneself…one’s identity in other words. So how many of you with Gemini sun or Gemini rising are reinventing yourselves right now? Maybe you’re simply stating who you are with new words. For me, this move will likely be merely the first step of many…the first area of my life to actually change. After I release my new book, who knows what’ll be next?

When a journey is long and challenging, consider that is it not the Universe making it so. I have asked for change, but I have been resistant to change. I have been afraid of it.

In one month, I will be moving. The last time I lived in a one-bedroom apartment was 22 years ago in San Francisco. I was a very different man then. But this is not a step back…not even close. It is a step (or leap) forward. “Try it on,” the Universe is saying to me. “You’ll never know how it feels if you don’t give it a go.”

The nice thing about a Mercury cycle is that it is a quick study. Next up will be Venus—retrograde from July 25th to September 6th and almost exclusively in the sign of Leo. The previous Venus retrograde cycle in late 2013 early 2014 was hugely productive. This one takes place on both sides of my ascendant (in my rising-sign chart), so it will take my reinvention to the next level.


1 thought on “Reinvention”

  1. This John is reminded about the journey of the fool as well and your comments about “by letting go of something we have we may gain something we want” mirrors elements of my life as well. It was four years ago near this time that a teacher (guru) entered my life and said “God has a greater plan for you if you wish to make sacrifices and accept it.” In making those sacrifices and accepting the “call” many doors began to open rapidly not the least of which was a quantum shift of learning so much that mattered much later in life than others. The other was finding my “voice” and learning to teach and help others treading the spiritual Path. Before long that voice was found joining one support group of lightworkers who need help with their own issues of darkness as they shine light for others. Internally I was thinking “why am I here and do I really have something to offer here”. The voice was found, the learning and teaching began, and now over my internal objections the organizer has elevated me to “co-organizer” though it is not really sought for the title on my part. A reading you provided David opened me to realize being “a healer in space” with others and a teacher. I organized another group along the way with the help of a beautiful life partner the universe answered prayers with in early 2013. We read and explore the “perennial ancient wisdom” of the mystery schools in the theosophical worldview of human enlightenment. Heady stuff universe and “how in the world did I get here as well.” So if you had said these things would occur four years ago it would have been crazy stuff to me. So down that Path came learning that “all gurus incarnated hold some degree of darkness that you will realize and move on from as mayavic guru elements.” Eventually you will find that your true sadguru is God or the Buddha in this process. So in a series of emails that began around May 4 (retrograde) with the initiate guru, she jettisoned me this morning and said “God says that I may no longer be your advisor and that you must just follow a Path that resonates with you.” “Best of luck to you.” To this end were conflicting and disparate issues about the “ego of the student and that of the guru.” Squashing your ego to move forward, and having the discernment to realize the “ego of teachers” can push you to make changes in teachers. Understanding who you really are when a teacher describes who in your heart you know who you are not.
    A diffucult line to tread upside down in the hangman’s noose as we move forward. By the way I consider you anything but a mayavic guru…ha! Best of luck in your move in this crazy vertical city! We had to go to Big Bend to clean off the developer’s slime..ha! John


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