Jupiter (Ge)station

My intuition always leads me to the most fascinating places.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that Jupiter stationed direct in Leo on April 8, 2015. Let’s look at that chart more closely:


At the top of the chart, we have a quadruple conjunction in Aries in the 10th house:

  • Psyche @ 16o 23’
  • Uranus @ 16o 35’
  • Mercury @ 16o 58’
  • Sun @ 18o 32’

Notice that the stationing Jupiter trines all of this, and Pluto squares it. Also notice the moon-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius in the 6th house, which squares Vesta and Neptune in Pisces. One last thing I’ll mention is that Icarus is fixing to exactly conjunct the South Node, which happens a few of days later (tomorrow maybe).

From that moment, Jupiter travels direct for precisely nine months before stationing retrograde on January 7, 2016:


Notice that many of the same players are involved. For example, the sun will have moved from a conjunction with Uranus to a conjunction with Pluto. Saturn will again have a partner, except this time it will be Venus. The stationing Jupiter is conjunct the North Node of the moon, and square to the moon itself, which is again in Sagittarius.

When Jupiter starts his journey forward, he is in Leo and the sun (ruler of Leo) is nearly straight up in the sky. The majority of points are above the horizon and there is a concentration of energy joining Uranus. The April 8th chart feels insightful, inspirational, energetic, and stimulating. To use a computer (Uranus) analogy: our batteries are being fully charged and our operating system is being upgraded.

The faster moving sun, only two days earlier, picked up all of Uranus’ insight. Mercury followed in his footsteps to catch anything the sun missed—Mercury joined Uranus hours before the Jupiter station and met the sun the next day.

The moon-Saturn conjunction in the 6th house provides a bit of practical and constructive homework—a place to channel some of that abundant energy.

When the journey ends, the sun will have traipsed three quarters of the Zodiac. Notice that the sun was (almost exactly) two degrees past Uranus when we started and will be (almost exactly) 2 degrees past Pluto when we finish. Nine lunar cycles will have transpired and right when Jupiter stations retrograde, he rises (here in Austin). All of the energy we gained from Uranus will be colored by Pluto nine months later.

Some humans will be conceived when Jupiter stations direct, and be born when Jupiter stations retrograde. Remember that Leo (via the 5th house) relates to progeny, which includes actual children, but also (inanimate) creations.

It is fitting that the first chart shows the sun and Uranus high in the sky with Jupiter going forward, while the second chart shows the sun and Pluto nearer the nadir with Jupiter going backward.

Uranus and Pluto both relate to spiritual growth and evolution. With Pluto, however, the journey feels like regression.

According to many Astrologers, the effects of the Uranus-Pluto square are really just beginning, now that the actual squares are done. How interesting that Jupiter’s first journey forward, after the last exact Uranus-Pluto square, has the sun moving from the one planet to the other.

Jupiter’s journey starts four days after the end of an Eclipse window, and ends with Jupiter conjunct the North Node. This gives insight as to its purpose: we are being guided toward our future karma—to a place we have been seeking for a long time. The journey lasts the rest of this year. Maybe it is what all of 2015 is really about.

In our first chart, Chiron sits closest to the MC, coloring the entire chart from above. In our second chart, Chiron sits closest to our DSC, has just set, and is sextile the sun.

Psyche, which was part of the quadruple conjunction in the first chart, is the only object near the MC in the second, and is exactly opposed by Saturn (and Venus). Psyche represents a (spiritual) wound that feels unhealable. Chiron says, “It may take a bit of effort (attention and intention), but the wound can be healed.” Psyche remains high in the sky, but moves from the fires of Aries to the mental space of Gemini.

Maybe the point is not to try and make the wound go away, but rather to work with it, to learn from it, and to see it for what it really is: a mental contruct that need not prevent us from going where we want to go. Fire burns, but we can learn how to use it without burning ourselves or others.

[The Universe gives us the freedom to think, feel, and believe as we choose, yet we needn’t burn ourselves or others with those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.]

To conclude, let’s for a moment imagine that this is all true. Two days ago, we were gifted with energy and insight…beyond our knowing. We commenced a journey that intends to help us heal our most stubborn wound…our greatest blocks to self-esteem and self love. The next nine months are the gestational period; we will not see the smiling face of our new-born until the journey is over, but we will see evidence that he or she is growing inside of us.

The birth itself can be painful and the pregnancy will have taken its toll on our bodies. Afterward, our life will never be the same.

But now envision the bundle of love you’ll hold in your arms. Think how wonderful life will be with an ever-growing body of self-esteem and self-love to cherish. The joy and love you feel for it will be contagious. All who look upon your progeny will feel a bit of what you feel.

What will you do then? Where will you go? What will you create after that?


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