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Penetrating Dreams

The Sagittarius full moon is exact at 11:19 am CDT today (6/2/2015). That means it will look equally as full tonight as it did last night. Over the weekend, I was reminded of the “other side” of Sagittarius. When I think of those ruled by the centaur, I think of athletic, jolly, extroverted, boisterous, speak-their-mind… Continue reading Penetrating Dreams


Jupiter (Ge)station

My intuition always leads me to the most fascinating places. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that Jupiter stationed direct in Leo on April 8, 2015. Let’s look at that chart more closely: At the top of the chart, we have a quadruple conjunction in Aries in the 10th house: Psyche @ 16o 23’ Uranus @… Continue reading Jupiter (Ge)station