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The Road Ahead?

Last night, I had a dream—a dream with lots of interesting and unusual details, which I retained well after waking. I decided to write down the details to see if I could interpret them. Some were rather obvious; the last one was striking. At one point in the dream, I realize I am carrying a… Continue reading The Road Ahead?

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A couple of nights ago, I received the following message in a dream: Make peace with where you are. Peace is not the same as giving up or giving in. It is not the same as tolerating what you dislike. It is not the act of sitting and waiting. It is not merely biding one’s… Continue reading Peace

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Ever Expanding

Tomorrow evening just past 5:30 CDT, Mercury ends his backward motion. Those of you who have been holding your breath can inhale deeply once again. 🙂 Remember when I said that Mercury Retrograde was helping Saturn backtrack into Scorpio? Well here is more evidence: the chart below, which is based on the moment Mercury stations,… Continue reading Ever Expanding

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Penetrating Dreams

The Sagittarius full moon is exact at 11:19 am CDT today (6/2/2015). That means it will look equally as full tonight as it did last night. Over the weekend, I was reminded of the “other side” of Sagittarius. When I think of those ruled by the centaur, I think of athletic, jolly, extroverted, boisterous, speak-their-mind… Continue reading Penetrating Dreams

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Musing on a Sunday Morning

Early this morning, I woke from a dream. I had a fight with my mother and am so mad,  I storm out of the house. I decide that I want to find a new place to live - a new city even. It raining, and I’m driving my truck through San Diego, but I don’t… Continue reading Musing on a Sunday Morning

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One should never underestimate one’s power to receive guidance - no matter how unlikely it might seem in the moment. Take, for example, last night's dream: I’m looking on as a friend is up on a ladder working on my old barn. Suddenly, the ladder starts to slide to the right. I hold my breath… Continue reading Crustaceans