Channeled Message, Dream Interpretation


A couple of nights ago, I received the following message in a dream:

Make peace with where you are.

Peace is not the same as giving up or giving in. It is not the same as tolerating what you dislike. It is not the act of sitting and waiting. It is not merely biding one’s time.

Pushing on walls causes the sensation of walls pushing on us. When we stop pushing, the obstacles stop pushing back, but they don’t necessarily set us free. That is because ending the struggle is not the same as making peace.

The Journey of the Fool is from where we are to where we want to be. Wanting to be somewhere means wanting to be somewhere else…not exactly here, maybe just over there, or maybe all the way on the other side. We embark journeys to get somewhere…naturally.

But the best first step we can take is to make peace with where we are.

Ease makes for a good foundation in life. And Ease sits nicely atop peace. Below peace is acceptance.

Abraham reminds us that where we put into the stream doesn’t matter. In other words, where we are doesn’t matter. What matters is our alignment, which enables movement.

Abraham also reminds us that our Higher Self, our Inner Being, never looks back. It never compares where we are to where we were. It does not even ponder where we could be…how much further ahead we could have been had we zigged instead of zagged.

When we wrestle with the present, it is all too easy to think: “How did I get here?” “Where did I go wrong?” “It’s not fair.”

The Journey of the Fool is from here. It is not from where you used to be. It says nothing of where you could have been. It certainly does not have directions from that place over there. It is from here (and now) forward.

Modern GPS can give you all of the steps needed to get from where you are to your desired destination. But the Journey of the Fool does not work that way. That is because there is only here and now…and what you want.

Ever since Mars stationed Retrograde, I’ve felt like a man without direction. I’ve pushed, noticed my struggle, and then let go. I’ve been waiting for instruction: when to turn right and when to turn left. Little did I know that the same instruction kept repeating: make peace with where you are. I had to wake up in my dream before I could wake up in reality.

Make peace with where you are.

Make peace where you are.

Make peace.




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