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Penetrating Dreams

The Sagittarius full moon is exact at 11:19 am CDT today (6/2/2015). That means it will look equally as full tonight as it did last night.

Over the weekend, I was reminded of the “other side” of Sagittarius. When I think of those ruled by the centaur, I think of athletic, jolly, extroverted, boisterous, speak-their-mind characters. I forget that Sagittarius can also be intensely deep, spiritual, religious, and/or righteous. The arrow penetrates to the core.


Today’s full moon chart has a hint of that other side of Sadge. We have Saturn backtracking through the very first degree on its way back to Scorpio—the other deeply intense sign. The sun is separating from its square to Neptune, but the T-Square formed by the moon stokes it some.

This chart hits me personally and intensely. In many ways, it resembles my natal chart. For example, it is only one degree off on the Ascendant. Quite a few points are in the same sign and/or house. Those that are not are transiting or opposing my chart.

Neptune mediates the sun and the moon here. Neptune is the ruler of dreams. Well, last night, I had a dream unlike anything I’ve ever had before!

Remember those kindergarten art projects? In my dream, a woman handed me one; it was a stick figure. The face, rather than drawn, was cardstock printed with the face of the sun. The arms and legs were like pipe cleaners, except they were more pliable, like string.

The woman handed me the little man, but get this: he was alive. Somehow, he was imbued with life. He talked to me; he moved his arms and legs; he felt like a living boy!

Now that is amazing in and of itself, but this next part was even more so.

In the dream, I loved that boy as if he was my very own son. The love was intense, bordering on painful. I remember hugging him and wanting to do anything to make him happy and keep him safe.

At the end of the dream, when I handed him back to his mother, he was a real flesh-and-blood boy! I woke thinking to myself that my love for him made him real!

Clearly, this dream is not a unique story. We’ve heard it all before. But to experience it…emotionally…and in first person…that was amazing!FullSizeRender 4

In waking life, physical material feels especially real…and heavy; what is not yet real feels impossibly elusive. I know I’ll be living in a new place in two weeks, but even that feels light-years away. When I picture my possessions in that new apartment, I can’t imagine what it will feel like.

All of this may have nothing to do with today’s astrology, but it may have everything to do with it. I guess you can decide.

And if you have clear skies tonight, don’t forget to check out Venus aligned with the Gemini twins Pollux and Castor as shown here. Over the next 30 days, Venus will move up to where Jupiter is.


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