Venus Enters Leo

At 10:32 am CDT today, Venus enters Leo—a sign she won’t leave for good until October 8th. Between now and then, she’ll conjunct Jupiter three times, most conspicuously on July 1st.

Venus will dip her toes into Virgo on July 18th, station retrograde on the 24th, then reverse back into Leo on July 31st.

Back on April 9th, I posted an article called Royal Flush. It’s all about Jupiter and Venus in Leo. Well, let the games begin! In fact, I just noticed that the moon lights the torch commemorating the start. Looking at the chart below: Venus, Saturn, and the moon will form a very tight wedge early tomorrow morning—exact to within one arc-minute within the first degree (0o 35 or 0o 36’). of Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.


If you look a little closer, you’ll notice that Mercury, retrograde at around five degrees Gemini, rounds out a mystical rectangle. I had mentioned once before that Mercury is helping Saturn ease back into Scorpio by way of a retrograde opposition. Another way of looking at this is Mercury Retrograde is trying to help us figure out what this Saturn Retrograde is all about.

Venus opposing the moon has me thinking about money and security, and how we continually mistake one for the other. Ask anyone, and they’ll say, “if I only had <some amount of money>, I’d be set for life.” But notice how that number just keeps rising as life goes on. Truth is, no amount of money will ever make us feel secure, because security does not originate from Money. Security is a feeling that rises out of a thought.

Since Venus and the moon are at 0 degrees of fixed signs, we must also remember that security is commonly born of fixity. Fixes signs want stability. In other words, they don’t want things to change. Unfortunately for some, only one-third of the zodiac is geared toward stability, so change will come…eventually.

But security need not depend on stability.

Let’s look at Saturn’s part. Saturn, trine to the one and sextile to the other, reminds us that “work is good for the soul.” Well, those words came from somewhere, so I went with them.

Just this morning, while I was cooking breakfast and thinking about this astrological configuration, I thought about something else. You know how people often say, “relationships take work.” Venus (love) and the moon (emotional security and expression) play key roles in relationship. They are what we put in and want out of relationship.

Saturn, in this case, represents the work.

However, what I prefer to think and say, is that “relationships take attention.” That attention need not be work (as in laborious). Isn’t doting on the object(s) of our affection fun?

StrengthIf we consider the entire mystical rectangle, we find that, for each opposition, there are two ways to mediate it. In fact, a wedge, a mystical rectangle, and kite all have that same premise. Each forms around one or two oppositions, yet provides ample flow to resolve the conflict. They show us that stability is not the only factor to create security. One needs to remember that problems are solvable. True security grows out of that.

It’s easy to wish that problems would not come, but they do. It’s easy to think that an unlimited amount of money (or conversely never spending a dime) is the solution to all of our problems, but that’s not practical either.

True security grows from contentment, flow, creativity, and expression…plus some trust (in yourself if nothing else).

The earth will not stop spinning, and the planets will not stop orbiting. The status quo will give way to something else. Better to harmonize with evolution than to fight it…


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