Filling a Lake

A Quick Review

In Astrology, the Zodiac is comprised of 12 unique combinations of four elements and three cardinalities.

  • Cardinal wants initiation.
  • Mutable wants adaptation.
  • Fixed wants stability.

This morning at 8:07 am CDT, the sun takes its turn making an exact square to Neptune. Our will, egged on by logic, runs contrary to our intuition, egged on by subtle feelings and nuance.

At the same time, the sun is nestled between Mars and Mercury. Our will sits between thought and action. This is a natural state of being. It takes little energy to think about cleaning out your closet, but it takes will to put that thought into action and actually do it.

Cardinal energy helps us overcome inertia. Mutable energy establishes a current that allows one action to flow into the next. Fixed energy gives us endurance and helps us finish what we started.

Today is the last square to Neptune for a while. In fact, for nearly two full weeks, we’ll have harmonious aspects prevailing. I suspect that the latter half of Mercury Retrograde will run more smoothly than the first half did. The bigger changes have been initiated. The plans have been drawn. For the next two weeks, we’ll be able to follow the script without much conflict.

I redrew today’s chart to simplify it slightly, and to highlight the symmetry and balance. [This structure is not exact all the way around—the points stretch between 10 and 20 degrees within their respective signs.]


This configuration is beautiful: visually and intellectually

  • We have 3 squares, 2 trines, 2 sextiles, and 3 quincunxes.
  • We have points in 2 mutable signs, 2 cardinal signs, and 2 fixed signs.
  • And we have 2 yods hidden within it all.

When I look at this chart, I see a situation evolving rapidly, but within a delicate balance, which keeps destruction at a minimum.

This matches my life. In 16 days, I will be moving. Because this is a significant downsizing, a lot of things must go including furniture and carpets. Each time something leaves, the balance of the house is thrown off, but then I take the time and apply the effort to reestablish a new balance. I do have to live here until the middle of June, after all.

Here in Texas, Mother Nature has done something similar. The month of May ends today. This one single month has undone what the entire year of 2011 did in terms of the drought.


Lake Travis, for example, dropped from about 668 feet to below 630 feet in 2011. This month started at 629 and is now nearing 666.

One might say that Mother Nature failed to keep the destruction to a minimum, but given the vast size of Texas, and the vast amount of rain that fell here, I think she did a good job.

If you’ve been tossed around these past two weeks, or in May in general, expect the first half of June to run more smoothly. Take what you’ve learned in May and apply it to the journey forward.


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