The Churning Seas

The planets don’t move much in a day, but today’s chart looks very different than yesterday’s. [I didn’t catch the moon exactly opposite Uranus as shown in the chart below, but I was only a few minutes off.]


Notice that the Libra moon now forms a warped Grand Cross with Venus, Pluto, and Uranus. The tension I felt and expressed yesterday will probably start to unravel later today or tomorrow as the moon separates from the others.

What I do want to focus on is this next chart, which highlights a subset of the action. This is the same arrangement I focused on yesterday in a chart I posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


One difference between yesterday and today is in Libra where the moon has moved off of the North Node and entered the opposition with Uranus. The second difference is in Gemini where Mars is further separating from the arrangement, but where the sun now moves into it. Mercury and the sun will conjunct and trade places in about 28 hours (from when I am writing this).

All in all, a number of points have been applying and separating square to Neptune. I’m sure this is making waves. Think about a boat sailing the high seas: if winds (Gemini) keep hitting it crosswise, it’s going to start rocking. Maybe all of the violent storms ripping through the center of the USA can be related to this tension between air and water.

Gemini and Pisces have an interesting relationship. They are mutable signs, which are focalized within their respective elements. Mutability strengthens both air and water. By contrast, it tempers the others—easing fire (Sagittarius) and adding fluidity to earth (Virgo).

A strong multi-planet square between Gemini and Pisces is sure to stir things up and in such a way as to pit air against water. Keep in mind that violent winds and rushing water can shift the earth rather rapidly, as we’ve seen here in Texas.

Gemini is very logical. Ask anyone born of this sign and they will tell you; they strongly dislike things that don’t make sense. Tell a Gemini child to do something, and she or he will quickly respond with, “Why?”

Pisces is haphazardly swayed by its feelings. It is strongly intuitive, and thus feels and responds to nuance. That’s why those born under its influence excel at art, music, and the complexity of the human experience.

Right now, we are locked in a conflict between logic and intuition, between thought and feeling. The energy of a square resembles fixity, which neither Gemini nor Pisces likes. Stability is okay; restraint is abhorred.

Rather than working together, Gemini and Pisces (thought and intuition) are frustratingly at an impasse. Luckily, this too shall pass.

I think it is no accident that we see two shapes overlapping—the Venus-moon-Pluto-Uranus Grand Cross, and the North Node-Neptune-sun/Mercury/Mars triangle. The Grand Cross is the on-again-off-again challenge we’ve been subjected to for years now. It is the background churning of lava beneath the surface that spews out of volcanoes now and again wreaking havoc on those near.

All of the planets in Gemini will move on in seemingly no time. Neptune will thus regain his balance before too long. The storms will calm and the seas will settle. But, what will we have learned from this? Will we better balance our male and female sides—our logical, action oriented selves with our intuitive, nurturing selves?

Once again, I am reminded what a horrible student I am. Repeatedly, I hear that gentle (Piscean) nudge telling me to slow down, relax, and trust. My guides assure me that it will all work out. And yet, like a true Gemini, I fret, I run around in circles, I push on walls that feel imprisoning, and I burn calorie after calorie in my mind searching for solution. I am willful (sun), I am restless (Mars), I want it (Tantalus) and I want it big (Icarus). Poor little Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have a chance with all of that other energy going on in Gemini. And it’s all traipsing over my natal sun, Mars, and Mercury. Poor David doesn’t have a chance either—he says lightheartedly.

I do hope some of you, through this current Astrology, gain compassion and empathy for those of us Gemini and Pisces born. We show the world our easy-breezy side most of the time, and hide our struggles. Trust us, we are deeper and more complex than we seem.

As Felizio tells John in Journey to the Temple of Ra when sailing on the sea: “One hand for you and one hand for the boat at all times.”


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