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At 9:40 this morning (CDT), the Libra moon crossed over the North Node. [I just happened to look up today’s chart at that exact moment.] The gibbous moon is attempting to balance the conjoined energy of Mercury and Mars (who just recently traded positions in Gemini) with the vast (polluted) waters of Pisces where Neptune swims. Meanwhile, Venus in Cancer is sharing a good cry with the wounded healer, who’s also trying to keep his head above water in the last third of

Hidden to most charts is Tantalus; she and Mercury are exactly conjunct today. Tantalus temps and teases. She is bating Mercury to do more than just think about the injustice. Paying it forward can bring a modicum of relief, but it is not the answer. Fighting fire with fire is oh so tempting; luckily for me, the combination of Gemini and Pisces only has me thinking and fantasizing, but not plotting revenge.

You may have guessed by now that my faith in humanity it not very high. Integrity appears to be at an all time low. Greed, it seems, is the primary driving force behind all business and money exchange. People justify lying and cheating in the context of a job because a sale under false pretense still gets them kudos from their boss(es). Government requires individuals to buy health and auto insurance, but then does seemingly little to make sure those companies are actually insuring our health and safety and not simply feeding off of us.

At the moment shown above, the nodes of fate exactly aligned with the MC/IC. The day of redemption of our individual and collective karma approaches…or does it? Why does individual karma cash in so easily while the collective karma (of companies for example) remains immune?

Mercury, traveling backward, probably has me seeing the lack of justice, the lack of fairness, and the lack of support. Venus is trying her best to help heal me of it all, but I’m afraid the workload is too much for her.

Vesta and Varuna are also exactly Trine now. [The more I look at this chart, the more significant it becomes.] Yes, the task of cleaning up this mess is larger than life; it takes dedication beyond what I can imagine (at the moment).

The Tower
The Tower

The first Tarot card I pulled today was the Tower. Like these recent Texas floods, raging waters strip the land. It isn’t fair to those who lost homes or loved ones. Life on this planet doesn’t seem fair, but it has been this way for a long time.

Another card I pulled this week was Death.


Card XIII reminds us that there is life after death; there is sunshine after storms. Loss occurs, but then a new cycle begins. Joy can be reached again…luxury even. Like the moon traveling in the sky, no phase lasts…each slowly turns into the next.

My faith is low, but I am hopeful. I do see better days ahead. I receive gifts from the Universe often…even if they seem to be the minority.

[This was not the post I intended to write, but I guess it’s the one that wanted to be written…]


1 thought on “Awash”

  1. David, I agree with and recognize the downward spiral of integrity and truthfulness. Greed and deception are drowning out quality life values. If you purchase anything, even a movie ticket, they want your email to bombard you with their free advertising m/o. On cable or tv, ad time has approached 50% of content time. Money solicitation and junkmail offers have become absurd. Needless time is wasted trying to fix billing problems which perpetuates more dishonesty. Filtering crap from life has become more difficult than ever. Challenges positive attitudes for sure.


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