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First Week of Gemini

The sun is now officially in Gemini and for the first week of this new astrological month, we are alive with some very basic alignments.


First up is a pair of oppositions. Tonight at 8:56 CDT, Venus, with the moon right next to her, opposes Pluto in the middle of Cancer/Capricorn. Almost exactly 24 hours later, the sun and Saturn oppose at 1o 38’ Gemini/Sagittarius.

I think I already fell prey to these oppositions, which are semi-square to each other. Oppositions can ask us to choose: “Do you want this or do you want that.” They seem to say, “you can’t have it both ways.” With two simultaneous oppositions that align with each other, you get four options competing for your attention. While Mercury is going backward, the fast and easy option is not likely to be the best one. Remember, Saturn is involved; he wants you to shoot for the long-term goal.

I personally have figured out already to slow it down and take a step back. I need to heed my own advice, which I tweeted yesterday: Consider all options before deciding. [@DavidTangredi]

Following the pair of oppositions, we get a pair of squares—how Gemini! On May 25th, Venus squares Uranus around noon and then Mars squares Neptune at dinnertime.

The Mars-Neptune square will likely be dominant since the sun and moon are both within orb and form a T-Square. Mars is classically male energetically and Neptune, as the higher octave of Venus, is classically female.

When making any kind of decision, there is the needs of our masculine side and the needs of our feminine side that come into play. The oppositions, for me, played out externally (as multiple options). The deciding played out internally (as a weighing of desires).

Venus is involved in both an opposition and a square this week forming a T-Square with Pluto and Uranus. When Venus is involved like this, she asks us to consider our values. That’s sound advance for making any decision!

Finishing out the initial week of Gemini, Mercury first conjuncts Mars (just before sunrise on 5/27) and then squares Neptune overnight into the 5/29. Mercury in Gemini sees both sides, so he will help us work out the tension created between Mars and Neptune, between our desire to accomplish something and our desire to feel connected.

Gemini is here to inspire us to explore possibilities, but at some point, we need to pick a partner for the long haul. Well, we don’t have to, but we want to.

All of this has me thinking about the progression from the 7 of Cups to the 10 of Cups in the Tarot. At the seven, we are presented with options. They all look good. We can try a few on, but we’ll likely find that most of them don’t quite fit. At the eight, we walk away from those that didn’t make us happy. At the nine, we wished for more, and got more. Maybe it wasn’t for the long-term, but it was just what we asked for.

Finally, at the ten, we have what we want…in all areas. We have the complete package. It may not be the best of everything in every category, but it is what feels right. It is what feeds our soul.

Gemini does not like to be bored and given this first week, I doubt we will be. Enjoy the activity!


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