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At 9:40 this morning (CDT), the Libra moon crossed over the North Node. [I just happened to look up today’s chart at that exact moment.] The gibbous moon is attempting to balance the conjoined energy of Mercury and Mars (who just recently traded positions in Gemini) with the vast (polluted) waters of Pisces where Neptune… Continue reading Awash

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We are all Children

If there really is only one thing that we all have in common, it is that we were all children. No matter the age we are today, no matter how big the body we lug around, we were all once a 5-year-old. Today is the 16th of December; five days before the Winter Solstice; five… Continue reading We are all Children

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Donuts and Diamonds

We all like donuts, right? How could we not? They’re sweet; they’re cute; they’re sometimes colorful. But do we love donuts? “Lucy in the sky, with donuts?!?” “Donuts are a girls best friend?!?” “Nothing says I love you like a donut?!?” Clearly one cannot replace a diamond with a donut and get the same results.… Continue reading Donuts and Diamonds

Tarot & Numerology

On the Way

Surely you’ve heard someone tell a story that began with, “A funny thing happened on the way to…” So often in life, we head toward an intended (and seemingly straight forward) destination only to be diverted in some odd and unexpected way. The more odd, and the more unexpected, the better the story. But what… Continue reading On the Way